SWL – Kingsmouth

I’m moving along slowly through the first zone of Secret World Legends. I reached level 11 and need to get to 12 to advance in the storyline, so I just need a bit of questing to get there.

I like the questing in SWL, the quests seem reasonably integrated into the game world. Sure, SWL has the “kill X enemies” quest (for example, Draugnet – linked to the legacy site since I can’t find it on the new site) but many make good sense: find survivors and help them defend their home, help resupply ammo.


Heck, regular “deliver the item” quests start at an abandoned post office truck with two packages laying on the ground.


I’m having a much easier time in SWL at this point that I did with TSW at the same point. Part of that is familiarity with the game… many systems have changed, but I have a better idea of how to improve my character.

Speaking of changed systems… where to start?!

Crafting has been replaced from a fairly novel system where you had to arrange components in various shapes in order to craft the desired item. Now it looks like components are gone (thank goodness, they were taking up a third of my inventory in TSW) and replaced by quest rewards and an item xp system where you move up in tiers by maxing and them combining items. I think this is an improvement: streamlined and a lot less junk taking up space.


The skill wheel has also been replaced with a more linear system of unlocking active and passive skills. I’m using pistols/fist and am working on unlocking the capstone pistol ability as well as pistol passives. A build used to have 7 passive skills but now it is 5 passive skills.

Gear used to be rated from quality level 1 to 10, i.e. QL1 to QL10 (and then 10.1, 10.2 etc) but now items are rated on rarity and quality. Rarity is a color system: green, blue, purple, etc. Getting a blue item required fusing 2 max item level green items, and so on up the scale. Quality is from 1 to 3, represented as dots as well as name, so a 1-dot weapon will be “XYZ Mk I” and a 3-dot weapon will be “XYZ Mk III”. The upgrade here results in more powerful effects. It is possible to upgrade quality levels for gear, but it takes Aurum, which I believe is a real-money purchase from Funcom. For more in-depth information check out the guide to upgrading gear from the SWL subreddit.

Another big change is having character levels at all. In TSW it was all how many skills/abilities unlocked and what Quality Level your weapons and jewelry was.

I’m sure other stuff has changed but these are the systems I noticed immediately.

Anyway, the reason I’m having an easier time right now is I’ve been using item xp upgrades from Infernal Caches (I get a key a day due to my Patron status, which in turn derives from being a Grandmaster from TSW) to power up my items. And right now my main weapon is a 2-dot blue level 24 pistol; I’m basically mowing down everything in Kingsmouth without much trouble at all.

I’m tempted to buy another blue pistol, level it to max (in the case of blue weapons, level 25), so I can fuse a purple one. Also, I can do something similar to upgrade my offhand weapon, currently fist. I’ll check out the auctions and what it’ll cost me!

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