Ingress – Resistance Awakens DC Mosaic

An XM Anomaly is coming the Washington DC area next month, and I’m planning to go along with my friend plus a bunch of other local players we know. In the meantime, a Resistance player put up an anomaly-themed mosaic, and we decided to get it.

A mosaic (also called a banner) is a series of missions that form a picture via the badges each individual mission grants – both sides can do any mosaic, but perhaps Enlightened players might not want a Resistance mosaic on their character sheet. 😉

The original mosaic site I used for reference disappeared, but another one popped up with the same great info. The mosaic we did was the Resistance Reawakens mosaic, involving a nice walk around central DC.


I wore my GPS watch but forgot to start recording until about a quarter mile into it. And at the end, I let it record a bit long while we were looking for a crosswalk. The mission starts/ends across the street from the WW2 monument, just pretend my map closes up.

I like to measure how much walking is involved in a mosaic since other local players are always asking. I think this one was about 6 mi (again, I didn’t get the start/stop exactly correct) so not too bad.

It was a sunny humid day over the weekend but it was also nice to get outside and get some exercise while playing. We took it easy, upgrade/hacked friendly portals and also attacked all the enemy portals along the way. Plus we switched over to Pokemon Go now and then to dabble there.


I hit platinum trekker during this mission – ended up with 1014 km walked while playing over all time. Ingress appears to calculate in-game distance by calculating distance between server interactions – hacking, attacking, deploying, viewing portals stats, etc – so merely leaving the game open while moving and not doing anything else won’t credit the full distance. Plus there is a speed lock so moving too fast (e.g. app open while driving) won’t count fully either. Which is fine, Ingress isn’t an exercise app.

Anyway, I’m getting near level 14 and hope to reach that by the time the Anomaly and Mission Day arrive.


I have 195 missions completed, so 5 more and I get platinum for the “spec ops” badge. I’ve found nearly a dozen mosaics I want to do, some will require a bit of travel, but if the mosaic is cool enough looking my friend and I want to do it!

The Resistance Awakens mosaic is the top 3×6 badges. We thought it was very good planning that the mission granting the badge with the top part of the Washington Monument (mission 15/18) actually took place right around the Washington Monument.



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