EVE – Ship Rescue

Last year when I was in Brave Newbies, we were fighting in Catch and staging out of GE-8JV. To participate, I flew out in a covert-ops frigate, a Buzzard, and over time bought a few ships that were available at the station.

My goal was to fly logistics and/or EWAR ships, and maybe even stealth bombers, but as it turned out, it was very tough for me to make any of the scheduled fleet activity.

I wound up unsubbing EVE, and in the year that has passed, GE-8JV is under new owners, Against All Authorities. Actually that was who owned GE-8JV before the Brave Collective took it over.

Now I’m back and while I looked over my various items spread out over New Eden, I noticed that stealth bomber I bought last year.

Hm… a stealth bomber, fitted with a covert ops cloak – this is a ship I actually have a chance of flying out of nullsec! If I could only get there in the first place – but as it also turned out, I had a jump clone at GE-8JV, established when I was in Brave and we owned the system.

So I decided, what the heck, let’s spend a little time getting my ship back. I plotted a course from GE-8JV to Jita, near where I’m currently staging out of. 30+ hops… well why not I think it would be fun to attempt.

I jumped to GE-8JV, got in the Manticore, and plotted a course to Jita.


I noticed a few things weren’t available: insurance, fitting – all due to the current owning corporation (Rage and Terror) not getting along with my current corporation, Perkone, an NPC corporation. In fact even trying to undock gave a warning “the owner does not like you, you will be unable to redock”. But I had no choice if I wanted to get home.

So I clicked undock, clicked through the warning, and bugged out as fast as I could.

Travel in nullsec under possible hostile conditions is a bit different than hisec. Besides others being to open fire on you without CONCORD intervention, there is also the possibility of a warp disruption field, a.k.a bubble, which are used to trap ships.

I haven’t done this before but after reading up the general idea is to not autopilot (long period of being a sitting duck) and be careful of warping from one gate to another (players sometimes put bubbles in the way).

If I had the system to myself, I would just jump 0 km off the gate and then jump through ASAP. I figured the chances of a bubble being out when nobody was around was low. Of course, you can’t tell what’s on the other side without jumping so you have to do that, and be prepared to jump back through the gate if it looks ugly.


If there were other players, I would first jump 100 km off a celestial object (typically a planet)


then jump 100 km off the gate to do some recon first


and then decide whether to wait a bit, approach from a different trajectory, etc. In the screenshot above, I warped 100 km off the gate and noticed a player orbiting with a bunch of drones out. I thought there was a fight between two players going on… but that didn’t look like what was happening. I waited and eventually backed off to another planet, then jump to the gate and through.

By going from gate to planet to gate, I hoped to avoid the direct route which was also easy to bubble. And in fact I did encounter one, in HED-GP, the nullsec border system with Keberz in Khanid.


I’m coming to the gate from a planet and the bubble is quite visible. I zoomed out to show how close to the gate it was.



I decided to remain stealthed and slowly move to the gate, in order to watch and see if there was any activity around the bubble. Nothing happened and when I got close enough to the gate, I did not hang around.

The remainder of the 20+ jumps were uneventful and I was able to get my stealth bomber out of nullsec. I’ll have to abandon the rest of the ships I have in GE-8JV since I can’t dock in order to pilot them out. Also, my jump clone that was there is no longer available, probably due to the switch in station ownership, so I can’t just appear at the station anymore. That’s fine, this time around I’m planning to be an explorer so I just want ships that can fit covert ops cloaks, and the rest of the ships are logistics cruisers, EWAR ships, and so on.

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