ESO -Aldmeri Dominion

I’ve allowed events in MMOs control my schedule lately. From picking up TSW due to double AP weekend, resubbing EVE due to 10 days for cheap (promotion along with the current in-game war), to playing ESO over the weekend due to anniversary celebration experience-boosting cake.

I’m a pie person myself ūüėČ but I spared some time to reroll a character to play through some new content to me – a High Elf sorcerer which allowed me to see the Aldmeri Dominion initial island: Khenarthi’s Roost, the city of Mistral, and fighting off Maormer treachery.

I decided to start a new char for two reasons: it had been a long time since I played, and I never really got high level anyway. Heck, I didn’t even get medium level. I picked High Elf sorcerer mostly because I don’t really like playing a Wood Elf (bosmer) or Khajit so High Elf (Altmer) were the 3rd option. Or I suppose Imperial since I have the fancy version.


I’m not very good at melee combat in Elder Scrolls. Not just in ESO, my ineptitude with melee also carries over to Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim, etc. Since those games came first, perhaps I should say my ineptitude at melee carries over to the MMO.

The reason is melee takes more work here, which I do like. It’s just that I’m not used to it so I get pounded on more. In this game, you need to specifically block (right click)¬†to partially negate an enemy attack – sometimes it leads to a chance to land a bigger attack (hold left click) in response. You can also interrupt (left click + right click) an enemy attack.¬†In most other games you don’t really need to specifically block, it’s factored into your stats or gear so combat means standing there dishing out offensive skills.¬†You also need to be close enough to hit, otherwise you can swipe at the air.


Anyway, magic comes easier to me in the Elder Scrolls games so I played through the starter island and made it to Vulkhel Guard.

Now I need to decide whether to continue the storyline or take a minor break and give a melee char another go. I do like that melee combat isn’t just standing there taking hits – you can block and interrupt – I need to overcome¬†muscle memory from other games.


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