FF – Into the Beast’s Maw

More progress in FF14 – the next dungeon in the main scenario questline: Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak. Once again, to get an idea of what I would be dealing with, I watched MTQCapture’s great summary:


I’ve had a switcheroo on my character – since Arcanist is higher level than Pugilist, I decided to go in as a spell caster instead of melee. I do like fighting at range since it lets me see more of the fight.


The Arcanist is a DOT class so I summoned my DPS pet instead of my tank pet, and dotted everything up in rotation. The run went very smoothly and we were fighting the end-boss Graffias in no time at all.


Later I did a few grand company levequests to upgrade my uniform; I thought this shot of 3 sweet tooth goobue’s standing next to each other looked funny. I’ve been switching off level Pugilist by doing a few levequests as well – I don’t want to let too much of a level gap in.

I’m looking forward to reaching level 30 on my Arcanist and opening up the Scholar job, and then reaching 30 on the Pugilist and opening up Monk.

2 thoughts on “FF – Into the Beast’s Maw”

  1. Ah, the Thousand Yawns of Total-Nap! What a dungeon!

    I’ve been seeing a character running around lately named “Mizteq’smy Dunjingyde” — I know I spelled it right becuz I’m looking at my screenshot I took of it 😉 Becuz of course I screenie’d it. she’s my guide too! I like her guides more than Mr Happy’s — his are good too, but I just like hers more somehow.

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