BDO – Minor Progress

A quick note about FF14 – I saw that goobue plushies are available for pre-order. I’m not a doll or collector person, but I will make an exception for this!

OK, now onto recent Black Desert playtime:

Black Desert seems to be having some problems with its servers – I triedto play but I get booted out within 5 minutes. I tried a half dozen times and am going to give up tonight and do something else.

I did manage to play a bit over the weekend and reached level 9 on my tamer and also hit level 9 on my valkyrie. Combat is a bit different even though similar key presses are involved – eventually I’ll need to study the skills for whatever class I like more and figure out skill synergies and so on.

I reached level 9 following the quest line given to me by the black spirit helper. It starts off showing you how to move, then introduces you to a few townspeople, the trainer, and then gives a series of combat challenges: foxes, wolves, imps, steel imps, etc.

During that, you learn some attacks and the game suggests you try a combo attack.

Let me pause and describe how combat works. It’s pretty fun, action based, and revolves around key presses and mouse button presses. You can set some attacks to hotkeys, but there are dozens more skills than hotkeys so to use “everything” I think you’ll need to use your memory. Plus, the chart specifically says “can use with quickslot” so that leads me to believe some skills cannot be placed in a quickslot.

So far I have the following skills:

  • leaf slash – LMB
  • soaring kick – E
  • tree climb – ↑F
  • flurry of kicks – hold F
  • flash – ↓ LMB
  • heilang: whiplash – RMB
  • heilang: lightning of earth –  ↑ RMB
  • heilang: upward claw – ↓ RMB

BDO is a “WASD” movement kind of game, so those arrows actually mean W for ↑, S for ↓, etc. But that’s how it appears in the skill chart (K hotkey).


Soon the black spirit told me to try a combo: ↑ leaf flash / whiplash; so I did those two back to back, finishing it but unsure of what extra goodies come along with doing a combo (I’m expecting extra damage or something along those lines). In the skill chart, the lower right corner shows videos of combos for each class, but those look like 4 step ones.

Anyway, combat is fast and fun, there is some kind of cooldown because after defeating the enemy, I’ll get a floating “XYZ skill is ready again”. But given the number of skills still to unlock, I can see high level combat being chains of attacks with ideally useful side effects – maybe like the Warden in LoTRO builds combos out of three basic skills but without the slightly sluggish building phase.

Combat in this game is a lot different feeling that FF14 with its long cooldowns; this is more fast and fluid especially with the ability to unleash 3+ different skills by changing the order you press the keys involved. I’m not high enough level to know if this carries forward and I hope it does, rather that boil down to random button mashing – I’m hoping higher level skills and combos have secondary effects that are important to use tactically. Actually I have a feeling this will be true; one current skill (tree climb) is a jump forward, attack, jump back – so that’s useful for closing a gap and then getting a bit of distance.

It got dark in game, and I read that mobs get tougher at night (very cool game mechanism) so I spent some time wandering the starter town of Olvia, talking to each merchant/NPC, to start unlocking conversations and build “knowledge”, which I’m unsure what that specifically does.

I haven’t touched any of the other game systems I read about players swooning over, such as crafting, trading, housing, fishing, cooking, horse taming, etc – can a game have all this stuff? (Answer: yes, look at EVE Online for a working example of dozens of in-game activities). I know there is a ton more to do and as much as I hate to just sit and read about a game rather than play it, I might watch a few helper videos to get an idea of what else is available. Noarey makes a series of “two minute guides” that look ideal.

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