FF – Pacing

I’ve come to really appreciate the pacing in FF14, especially the availability of levequests.

It’s tough to get a solid block of playtime during the week, which means I can’t do much in most MMOs. GW2 tries to address this with daily login rewards, plus an ever-changing set of daily/weekly activities – gather X in region Y, kill Z, etc. At least I remember those, I haven’t looked into too much lately. There is always exploring a bit and so on, but most MMOs are setup to require a chunk of invested time per session, which isn’t all the convenient for me anymore.

Take EVE Online, a game with tons to do. EVE is many things, but fast is not one of them. I can’t even fit a ship in 30 minutes unless I already everything at the station the ship is docked in. Sometimes I would spend an hour, roundtrip, just traveling from the wormhole I was farming planetary interaction in, to the nearest market. That’s just jumping through gates, accelerating, decelerating, dealing with market stuff (buy/sell), and often, the initial scan-for-exit. EVE isn’t setup for the person who can sometimes get 30 mins to 1 hour during the week, and then random amounts of time on the weekend.

So in FF14, the levequest system is awesome. They are auto-generated quests you can pick up that don’t take too much time to do, reward xp/gil (money), and in the case of grand company leves, company seals. Those seals in turns can be used for promotions (not sure what that gets you besides access to better stuff I assume), weapons, gear, crafting materials, etc.

The levequests take place in the area of the quest giver, don’t start until you get to the general area and initiate them, and after completion, optionally let you warp back to turn in and collect the rewards!


After earning enough seals for my chocobo mount, I looked over what else is available and worked on cranking out enough seals for the basic armor set: gloves, boots, cap, overcoat. I think it looks pretty nice! OK, I might hide that hat but it doesn’t look terrible – the overall appearance is pretty good to me. I look like a number of the guards hanging around Limsa Lominsa, haha.

I also picked up a nice grimoire, and am thinking about also getting a hora (weapon for my pugilist class).

Since I can’t play tons during the week, I always have rest experience so that’s a nice boost as well.

Soon I’ll get back to the storyline quest. Aurora is now level 23 in arcanist as well as pugilist – if I can get to 25 in each, do the next set of class quests, I’ll feel well prepared to continue the story!

Favorite Mobs


I’ve fought plenty of the Sweet Tooth Goobbue’s for various leves, and I think they are my favorite mob. They just look cool, with the giant mouth containing rows of teeth. When they fight their arms get all rubbery and stretch out to pound the ground. One of their attacks is “moldy sneeze”!

A mini-sweet tooth goobbue would be awesome. Heck, so would a megalocrab, I like the name of that mob too. Even better, a megalocrab mount! 😉

One thought on “FF – Pacing”

  1. There is a goobue minion you will get as a reward from one of the main story quests, and also a goobue mount from the Sylph Beast Tribe that you can start working with at 42 or 43. Just gotta get to rank 4 with them. Admittedly this takes a few weeks and involves running 3-6 daily quests for them each day….

    For the Grand Company promotions, as you get higher rank you gain access to higher level gear and then at 44 and 47 you unlock 2 dungeons in order to gain your promotions as well, with the associated gear drops from there too. You also gain more rewards from GC leves when you’re higher rank, so it helps you to be able to use them to level up alt-jobs later at a faster pace too.

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