FF – Chocobo Mount

After about 45 hours of play in the game I decided it was time to work on getting my chocobo mount. I’m past that part of the MSQ (main storyline quests), joined the Maelstrom Grand Company, and just needed to get 2000 seals required.

I relocated to Moraby DryDocks and took a few of the Grand Company levels – since I reached level 20 as an Arcanist I finally qualified for them.


I found these new levequests to be more fun! The first one I tried was “Victory is Mine, Not Yours” where the objective was to defeat enough enemies in the time limit. The goal was modest but the time limit was only 5 minutes which made for hurried battles. Plus, the mobs kept spawning, something I hadn’t seen in regular levequests.

The second one I tried was “Throw the Book at him”, a quest that involved defeating a single enemy who kept summoning more adds. Also a variant I hadn’t seen before. As an Arcanist, I made sure my 2 DOTs were on the main enemy, and shifted attention to the adds as needed.

The third on I tried was “Don’t Touch Our Stuff”, a defense quest where my goal was to defeat enemies before they destroyed chests. I saw a FATE similar to this, but not a levequest.

Anyway, those were the 3 various types (so far) I saw and after a dedicated session I finally collected the 2000 seals I needed to advance my chocobo quest.


Now I can ride around the landscape on my bird mount!

When I visited the quartermaster to get my chocobo license, I noticed they also sell uniforms (armor pieces with a themed appearance, I imagine). My next goal is to upgrade my wardrobe and resume the storyline.


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