TSW – Casino

I cranked up The Secret World and adventured in Blue Mountain more… I am determined to make it out of the initial zones and get deeper into the storyline!

I’m using a sword/fist build that is serving me pretty well, especially now that I’ve put enough skill points into sword and fist to wield QL6 weapons (bought from the vendor) and have been finding QL6 talismans. I’m one level behind in those, but soon I’ll be able to wear QL6 major and minor talismans.


It helps!

I like how the quest layout in TSW generally leads you around the zone. Since you can only have a limited number of quests (if you pick up an extra, a previous quest will be placed on hold – depending on the specific quest type), many quests finish near a spot you can pick up another one. There is no need to run back to the quest giver to turn a finished quest in – that’s what your in-game cellphone is for! When you finish a quest in this game, a “send report” button pops up and you settle up wherever you are.


While I was working on a quest near the casino that is under construction, by the undead/zombie workforce, I climbed on scaffolding to collect supplies. While up there I saw another group in the middle of a lair adventure – so I stopped to just watch them battle a few mobs.


It was fun to watch – the various TSW skills have cool animations and effects, some of them looking spectacular. Unlike GW2 or FF14 for that matter, most are subdued so a really flashy skill stands out without overwhelming the overall battle.

I watched for a few minutes, initially concerned I was in range of an AoE from the battle – spillover damage would likely kill me! – but I stayed and was unharmed. Whew.

I returned to complete this particular quest (since it was a “gather supplies” quest the final step was to drop them off somewhere) and picked up another one that I’ll work on next time.

One of these weekends I’ll have an uninterrupted block of time I’ll devote to moving along in the storyline and wrapping up additional zone quests.

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