FF – Crafting and Conjuring

I took a break from level as a pugilist and decided to try out… botany. I chopped at a few trees and before I even hit level 3 as a botanist I decided this wasn’t something I’m interested in.

I’ve read that crafting is fun in this game… I might come back some time in the future and try a production craft (e.g. culinarian or alchemy) but gathering was too dull for me to want to spend any time on.

Since I was in New Gridania, I became a conjurer. One job I’d like to try is scholar, which requires 15 levels in conjurer and 30 in arcanist, so might as well get started.

Leveling as a conjurer was better, but honestly, kinda dull. There are only 2 offensive skills starting out: stone at level 1, and aero at level 4, and… yep that’s it. Hitting 2 skills until level 15 when conjurer’s pick up fluid aura.


I was happy to finish my class quest and get a 3rd skill to rotate in, fluid aura, except I never even used it because I immediately went to Limsa Lominsa and switched to arcanist. 😉

Leveling as an arcanist was MUCH better. To be fair, the conjurer picked up other skills on the way to 15, but they weren’t ones to use in a fighting rotation.

I typically don’t like pet classes, and the arcanist gets a pet, but in this game it isn’t so bad. The lengthy GCD lets me quickly check the pet is doing something useful so it isn’t too much of a burden to micro-manage. Meanwhile, it does help me fight and draw aggro.


Eventually I’ll switch back to pugilist, but for now I’m on track for playing as a monk and a scholar: I’ve got lancer and conjurer done, and need to level pugilist and arcanist. Later, I’ll come back and look at what cross-class skills might be useful and think about picking those up.

Speaking of that, I was excited to have access to so many low level conjurer skills while playing as an arcanist – protect, cure, another damage skill… except it seems that I can only use one of those at a time! Maybe this will change later, but for now it is just one. Even though protect is nice, I decided to slot a healing skill from conjurer, cure, and that seems to work decently.

I do really like the arcanist weapon – a book. I love to read so toting around a grimoire as my weapon seems fantastic to me. 😉

2 thoughts on “FF – Crafting and Conjuring”

  1. Level 4 ACN gets you Physick. Or maybe it’s level 2, I don’t remember. It’s REALLY early, though. No need for Cure. You get 1 cross-class skill every 5 levels while in the “class” phase, but it drops to 1 per 10 at the “job” phase, so at level 25 you have 5 CC skills, but at level 30 you are reduced to 3 and those 3 are limited in which jobs they can be drawn from — Summoner draws from Archer and Thaumaturge only, for example, while Scholar draws from Conjurer and Thaumaturge.

    Anyway… in low levels as an Arcanist I took Protect becuz why not? And I honestly didn’t worry about anything else. They’re pretty self-sufficent, especially after they get their tank pet at level 15 and pretty much stop getting hit at all.

    1. Thanks for the info about cross-class skill gain – I looked a bit but couldn’t find that info.

      Hm… I’ll look at my skills, maybe I just missed Physick. I would rather have Protect from Conjurer as well!

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