FF – Copperbell Mines

Following along in the storyline I quickly arrive at Copperbell Mines. Once again, I watched the excellent summary video that MTQCapture made:

I queued up and found a group in a few minutes.

This wasn’t quite as smooth as my previous 2 dungeons. For one thing, the healer ran ahead and did all the pulling. This prompted our tank to say “hey, what’s going on” (paraphrasing) and eventually “that could be dangerous for you” (paraphrasing) but after that… silence.

Yet, we didn’t have any mishaps and downed the boss and every fight along the way no problem.


What I think was going on was the healer, being level 20, felt OK to pull, fight, and keep themselves alive through it all, especially if we joined in. We were all a few levels above the minimum – I don’t know how level scaling works here but I imagine since we were all about the same level, the enemies weren’t that much stronger.


For all I know, the healer whispered the tank and said look, I’ve been through here dozens of times, I’m leveling my umpteenth alt class, let’s just crank through it. Because after that warning, nobody said anything until the boss fight – I left to fight the adds and after the 2nd one, the tank said “ignore the adds”. So I did. And we finished up everything with no problems.

By the end, I leveled up to 20. Now I need to figure out how to get a Chocobo mount, because something obvious like visiting a Chocobo porter didn’t point me in that direction. Instead I did my level 20 pugilist class quest, finished it, and upgraded to a slightly better weapon.


Something else cool was I got a commendation! My 2nd one in 3 dungeons (previously I received one in Tam-Tara I believe). Well that’s a nice start to me FF career. 😉

Ah, I found out about Chocobo mounts by reading through some pages on my favorite FF14 reference site. Looks like I just need to get a little further in the main scenario questline.

One thought on “FF – Copperbell Mines”

  1. The mobs in a dungeon tend to be the same as the minimum level for it. Scaling usually drops you to 2 or 3 levels above that, and your gear will scale to be the equivalent “High Quality” crafted stuff for whatever level you’re scaled to also. The early dungeons (basically anything up to Brayflox in the early 30’s) are also *very* forgiving and a healer can easily “heal-tank” them.

    You actually can’t send or receive tells while in a dungeon. I’d assume the tank just realized that there wasn’t any danger and rolled with it.

    To get your mount, keep following the Main Story Quest. It’s very soon after completing the 3 dungeon chain you just finished with Copperbell. I got my ‘bo at level 23 on both my main and my alt, actually. That’s just how far I leveled before the story finally got to that point.

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