FF – Sastasha and Tam-Tara

After taking a break to level up a pugilist to 15, and finish the pugilist level 15 class quest, I resumed the storyline. Soon I was tasked with checking out pirates in Sastasha, a nearby dungeon.

Since this was the first FF14 grouping I’ve done, I decided to study up a bit. I found this short video summarizing Sastasha:



Sounds like a training dungeon, which is great!

I queued up in the duty finder and after about 7-8 minutes, it popped.


The fights started out as promised, trash mobs in beginning part with cool looking mushrooms.

OK, I won’t bore you with a blow-by-blow report. I’ll just say it went smoothly and was fun. I even got a helm upgrade so that was a nice bonus.


We fought the final boss and adds and then left. Back to Gridania to check out Tam-Tara Deepcroft.

The same person who did the excellent video summary of Sastasha also have a Tam-Tara Deepcroft video, so I watched that too:

A brief wait later, we were in.

Group battles in FF14 are, for the lack of better description, pyrotechnic insanity. Huge spectacular effects, colorful explosions, etc. It is almost overwhelming and since I only recognize the “sparkle” effects of my own skills, I assume all those other crazy ones are due to my group and their skills. Basically, if the mobs are doing some I’m in trouble since I’m only looking to move out of an orange arc on the floor.


After a while, we defeat Cthulhu, er I mean Galvanth the Dominator, and earned our reward.


The XP in dungeons (duties) is really good. I entered Tam-Tara about level 17 1/3, and by the time we finished and I turned in the followup quest, I was level 19.2!

Sub Thoughts

My included 30 days in FF14 is ticking down, and I’m leaning towards subbing. I am enjoying myself enough to sub, and even though I don’t have tons of time to play, what I’ve seen so far is enjoyable. I’ll be relying on the Duty Finder to find groups for storyline dungeons/duties, and so far it doesn’t seem that bad.

I am intrigued by the class system – being able to switch classes by switching main weapon, and of course how jobs build on classes. I’d definitely like to level pugilist to 30 and try out the monk job. (I already leveled lancer to 15). I’d also like to try out healing, starting with conjurer and eventually attaining scholar. So I think I’ll sub for a few months and get further into the game.

One thought on “FF – Sastasha and Tam-Tara”

  1. Miztek (or however she spells it) is my favorite FFXIV guide video maker. MrHappy is also good, but I find I like MTQCapture videos more.

    Dungeon XP was increased recently. A run at low level usually got you about 1/2 to maybe 2/3 of a level, so it was still really good, but not 2 levels in a run good like you’ve noticed that it now is. Later on you get proportionally less, but even in the expansion dungeons it’s still usually only 4-5 runs per level, and the final leveling dungeon at level 59 only needs 3 runs to flip you up to 60. This doesn’t take into account the challenge log bonuses you can get, nor the 1x daily bonus that’s worth a large chunk either. 3 dungeons gives a nice amount, as does 5, plus giving out 5 commendations is another chunk, so… run a dungeon a day and watch those levels fly by…

    I actually ran Tam-Tara this past weekend and the Conjuror wouldn’t heal, so I became the healer by default while playing Thaumaturge. That was interesting…. https://nomadicgamer.wordpress.com/2016/02/15/ffxiv-playing-the-miqote/

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