FF – Pugilist

I traveled over to Ul’dah and started in on Pugilist levels. Looking back, I should have began a character with this class since I need Pugilist levels for both Monk and Ninja. I’m not sure my Archer levels will be of use since I’m not interested in trying Bard. But, it was just 15 low levels and a decent intro to the game I guess.

After running out of things to do in Gridania while leveling my 2nd class there (Lancer), I skipped Arcanist. Now, instead of doing every quest outside Ul’dah, I’m skipping a few and instead relying on Levemetes and Fates more. That way should I decide to level up something else from Ul’dah I won’t be entirely screwed.

One very annoying this about Fates in this games is there is no partial credit. Over in GW2, if a dynamic event fails, you at least get something. Here? Nope, just the xp you got from grinding the mobs trying to accomplish whatever the Fate was.

For example, there is a Fate outside Silver Bazaar involving collecting earth sprite cores. GW2 has very similar events as well – collect X thingys and turn them in. I had fought earth sprites, picked cores up, and turned in 33 of them. While on my way to hand over the last bunch and finish the Fate, some mob aggroed me, and of course, you can’t speak to the NPC when aggroed. Because I then had to defeat whatever was fighting me, I ran out of the time and the entire Fate failed. Instead of getting something, partial credit for some part of the reward, you get zip.

So in the future, I’m going to be leery of starting a Fate if I’m the only one doing it. It’s pretty disappointing to get no reward at all; I’m way better off doing Levemetes or just grinding random mobs in general – at least I’m not racing some countdown timer and charging into battle without recovering.


One thing I’m happy with is the armor I’m getting over in Ul’dah looks decent. No annoying subligar bikini armor thank goodness.

3 thoughts on “FF – Pugilist”

  1. Odd. I always get about 60% of “full xp” from a failure. I wonder if the low-level fates don’t bother with that since they give so little xp in the 1st place?

    FATEs and Leve quests are actually the fastest way to bring up alt-jobs since you get a large xo bonus for your classes below your highest job which applies o quest rewards also, so don’t be afraid to “clearcut” an area for every quest when working on your highest job — you’ll need to “extra” xp on that job.

    Most FATEs that don’t include a boss mob are really easy to solo within 4-6 minutes. The ones where you have to turn things in are a bit more of a pain. You eventually learn which ones are easiest to do and give the most bang for your buck, so to speak, so just keep doing them so that you can learn by experience! 😉 Good judgment comes from experience, after all, and experience comes from bad judgment, right?

    1. >ood judgment comes from experience, after all, and experience comes from bad judgment, right?

      I love it, hehe! I’m pretty sure I didn’t get anything for the failed FATE because I was close to leveling and didn’t… but maybe I just spaced out.

      Thanks for the tip on xp bonuses!

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