LoTRO – Bear Fatigue

Lone Lands

I got my Beorning, Yrmera, to level 20 and on to Vol 1 Book 2. Except, I decided the Beorning wasn’t really for me.


It is cool to be a shape-changer and switch to a bear, but ultimately the playstyle isn’t varied. Instead of the 3 or 4 weapon attacks, in bear form you get a swipe and roar and have to revert back to human form when the rage meter depletes, in order to do it again.

What I like in a class are skills that are reactive, things like the guardian’s parry and/or block response chains, or to a lesser degree the variety of skills the burglar has: buffs, debuffs, tricks and trick removal, plus timing of skill application for maximum effect.

I have a minstrel and warden somewhere in the low 60’s, both sitting at Caras Galadhon, both elves… I’m tempted to start up a new hobbit minstrel and/or warden to fiddle around with. I’m leaning towards minstrel because I’m enjoying healers, and I haven’t really played a minstrel since before the double revamping (one revamp of minstrel skills to the new stances and the coda/ballad system; another revamp from the original trait system to the new tree system). As unique as the warden is, the problem is any extended break from playing that class makes it really tough to return. I think the warden skill design is very unique and genius, even if I don’t play enough to retain minimal competence.


It’s fun playing the early content again, getting to the Lone Lands and viewing Weathertop.


In other Middle Earth slacker news, Naerys finally reached level 100, outside Pelargir.


The Grey Company witnessed it.

Rather than continue on from Vol 4 Book 3 Chapter 3, I took a break and spent one to two hours setting up my new Legendary items (club and belt). I bought a bunch of level 100 items off the auction hall, added item experience, deconstructed, fused and melded, and then read up on imbuement, the new (well, since 1.5 years ago) mechanism for legendary items. I think I set Naerys up well (at the least, upgrading from the level 93 club and level 97 belt was a bump in effectiveness).

I also had to figure out what to do with the 3 pieces of armor I had with slots, and the various essences I’ve been collecting from quest rewards. That was easy – right click the essence, click armor to apply to. This system lets players customize the stat bonuses on armor pieces. Yet another thing I had been putting off for dealing with “when I hit max level”.

Finally, I redid my War-steed traits. I had been using an old 2nd age bridle given as a storyline reward, so that was replaced with a new level 100 3rd age bridle. Previously I used a medium bridle but I decided to go with a heavy bridle this time. After fulling specing out the blue tree (“Rohirrim” traits) I had leftover points to pick up several traits in red and yellow (“Red Dawn” and “Riddermark”, respectively).

Quite a few improvements for Naerys!

What’s left is something I’ve gotten more and more lazy about as time goes by, in every MMO I play. Crafting. Part of that is the trend where plain old quest rewards are fine for most use. Another part is the sheer time/money sink crafting tends to be. It is vicious circle where crafting anything less than max level stuff is a waste while leveling – it’ll be replaced soon enough so why bother. On top of that, I’m not to the farthest part of the game yet (i.e. caught up with the storyline at the “last” big city) so surely that’s where the best items, reputation vendors, recipes, etc. are available.

Naerys is my metalsmith but hasn’t crafted her own full set of armor since… well geez I don’t remember. Last full set crafted upon hitting some milestone level? It might be back in the Mines of Moria era, when critted tier 5 Supreme was the best crafted armor. I’ll dig around and see what recipes are available now. I have a feeling crafting has migrated towards LoTRO store purchases (for recipes) or reputation based vendors. I can at least process the tons of ore I’ve been mining along the way and skill up… whether or not I can make anything useful is another question.

My burglar Dhrun, level 82 and back at Harwick (the city characters pick up their War-steed), is my jeweler. I’ve been feeding him various gems that Naerys collects while mining but that isn’t enough to level crafting with. He’ll have to do some work too. 😉 Anyway, he probably is far away from making top tier jewelry so Naerys will have to get by with quest reward jewelry (which are generally just fine).

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