Hero’s Song Kickstarter cancelled

Ouch! I did not see that coming. I didn’t back it, even after the lower tiers were added, deciding I’d check it out when it released.

I suppose it looks terrible if a Kickstarter fails… but then cancelling it after one week can’t be spun positively either. The project couldn’t generate excitement in proportion to its desired funding level…?

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen had a Kickstarter that failed, and it’s Patreon site looks deserted, but it seems to be moving along.

Project: Gorgon had a few Kickstarters fail but their most recent one succeeded. I backed it and log in here and there – ok honestly I’ve just been doing client upgrades but one of these days I’ll wander around again.

So I’m not sure what it means for the project. The team said they needed $800K to finish the game, and now they’ve said they don’t need that money since their investors are backing them all the way.

I think what they’ll do is try another Kickstarter after a few more months, when they fix the mistakes they alluded to: more gameplay, physical items (?? not sure what tchotchkes they think will pull more people in), and better tiers (it was earlier access and then various permutation of design an item in the game).

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