FF – Starting Out

Over the weekend I started up Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn. It was on sale 50% off on Steam, so I figured what the heck. It was frustrating getting an account setup with Square Enix due to some problems with a bad password validation error message and dropped/delayed reset confirmations, but eventually I jumped through that hoop. The Steam integration is lousy as well, because I had to type the registration code (cut-and-paste only worked for the first block). But finally I was able to log in and create a character.


Once in, I made a female Roegadyn Sea Wolf and started as an archer. I had to choose a nameday (birthday) and a guardian (patron god)… does this factor into the game at all?

The game plays smooth, looks great, sounds great, combat is straightforward… the game is a very polished experience. There are some detailed cut-scenes, in the league of TSW style cut-scenes, even if the ones here are occasionally bizarre.


I’m following the storyline and my guild quests, which have been pretty standard fare: fetch, kill X mobs, use the item in the correct spot, visit the guy in the next area, etc.


I reached level 15 on the Archer, and plan to finish my class quest before switching to Lancer. The big draw of this game is playing multiple classes on one character, and eventually taking jobs (fancier classes that combine two basic classes) so I’m going to take advantage.

My only real complaint is that the armor appearance is lousy. I hate my armor and am hoping to replace pieces that don’t look completely stupid.


This is literally the armor I’ve gotten from questing. It is so terrible I am embarrassed to play. A few levels ago it wasn’t so bad, but as I’ve swapped out quest gear upgrades, the armor has become more and more bikini-like and worse and worse in appearance. I need to figure out the cosmetic system, if there is one, ASAP.

One nice thing about FF14 is you don’t have to supply credit card info to play. Lots of games do even when they include a certain amount of time for free. I have 30 days and never entered any subscription info, so if I decide not to sub, I don’t have to remember to cancel. There is a sub level at the $12.99/month where I can have 1 character on up to 8 worlds. Since in theory I wouldn’t need alts, that sounds perfect.

Sometime Later…

Well I finished the level 15 archer class quest. It was slay some guy making trouble nearby, yadda yadda yadda. Midway through a friendly NPC showed up to help me, which was nice.


After that I turned the quest, got a level 16 armor item I can’t yet equip, and went to the Lancer guild to switch classes.

I had some questions, like “what happens to my level, stats, armor” and so on when I switch. It turns out you get busted back to level 1 stats since you are level 1 in the new class. The side effect of that, because I had been selling the armor I previously outgrew while leveling up as an archer, is that… you guessed it… I have no armor at all I can equip.


The almost naked Lancer.

Yes… I’m just not so happy with how things are going on the armor issue.

What’s funny is I’ve seen several characters around, fighting in their skivvies. And I always thought to myself, ah man another creep. Now I’m that player and I suddenly realize that maybe those other people were like me and didn’t realize the need for hanging on to lowbie armor sets for class switching.

It seems obvious in retrospect. Dammit.



After getting to level 6 as a Lancer, and still not receiving any armor (ok… I got boots and gloves) I gave up and bought some at a merchant. The two kinds of armor seem to be Disciples of War armor, for the melee classes, and All armor usable by everybody, so the Disciples of Magic too. Since I’m ultimately going to switch to Conjurer I figured I’d just start buying/collecting armor usable by every class. Thus my not-so-melee-looking armor.

I’m having a different issue now, running out of quests. I’ve cleared pretty much every quest below level 10 already, which leaves me scrounging. I had to do 2 levequests just to get to level 5 and don’t have many options now. I’m not going to be excited grinding mobs to level until I can get some quests again. For that matter, I might be totally out when it comes to leveling a Conjurer.

2 thoughts on “FF – Starting Out”

  1. Nameday and Patron make no difference.

    Cutscenes are only “occasionally” bizarre?!?!?!?!?! 😉

    The subligar is a rite of passage. Everyone goes through it. Some dungeon sets at 15 look pretty nice, but for the most part the armor looks pretty crappy up until you get into the 40’s and higher.

    I knew that job switching was a thing, so I actually did hold on to my lowbie armor with the intention of re-using it. Lucky me! But that said, you can go from 1-5 and buy some cheap stuff off the vendor in less than 20 minutes, so it’s not too big a deal.

    Going up to 50 you can pretty much keep 4 sets —

    Tank (will say it’s limited to GLD PLD MRD WAR DRK. Generally won’t see it before level 16)
    Lancer/Dragoon (sometimes DoW suit, sometimes will shows as limited to the tank classes plus LNC DRG)
    Physical DPS (Disciple of War — Includes Machinist and Bard, as well as the melee classes)
    Caster (Yes, healers and dps both in the same gear)

    Post 50 it breaks down a little farther so you’ll have:
    Tank (1 set for armor on the left side, but 2 sets (Fending and Slaying) for the jewelry on the right side)
    Dragoon (uses the Slaying accessories too)
    Ninja (uses Aiming accessories)
    Monk (uses Slaying accessories)
    Bard/Machinist (Aiming)
    Caster DPS (Black Mage and Summoner)

    That works out to 8 armor sets and 5 jewelry sets, in case you’re keeping track 😉 but it’s a long way off.

    At 60 you can get job-specific armor, though the jewelry’s still shared out, at least.

    If you’d care to scan through and find my own experiences/tips/tricks, feel free: https://nomadicgamer.wordpress.com/category/final-fantasy-xiv/

    1. Thanks for the tips! I will definitely check out your blog.
      Yeah, it wasn’t too bad to level up to 5 while wearing nothing but underclothes O_o but I suppose that shows how little protection low level armor is. I think I’ll hang onto caster armor since I do want to try out the other classes so I’ll just juggle various “level” sets.

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