LoTRO – Road to Gondor

I finished up Vol 4 Book 1, The Road to Gondor, on Naerys.

The earlier chapters in the book were typical old-school MMO quests: talk to this person, find out they have some problem that involves killing nearby enemies, report back, etc. I like LoTRO enough to play through it


I do however take a few diversions as I ride across the land. I’m collecting ore for prospecting and metalworking, so if I see a resource node that isn’t too far out of my way, I grab it. It is nice that I can mine without having to dismount. If at all possible, I don’t even fight any roaming mobs.

My own attitude towards crafting has changed drastically in MMOs. I used to love it, but over time the repetitiveness and frankly, time/money sink-iness, especially compared to gear you can get via quest reward or even login reward, has worn me down. I’m barely motivated to collect metal, but it doesn’t take too much time so I grab it when convenient. Eventually I’ll level Prospecting and Metalsmithing… or not.

The final chapter was a battle was against a Nazgûl, The Bane of Rhûn.


Midway through, his dragon steed descended and I worried that I had to fight that as well… but fortunately I did not. The battle was timed as a small 5 min countdown timer appeared, and since I defeated the enemy before the timer ran out, I passed the mission.

Later in Book 2, I was sent as an emissary to speak to a problematic Corsair captain, Balakhôr the Scourge.


I insisted he withdraw, but he was not in the mood to listen. He ordered me off the ship but I refused and a fight broke out.

Now, far be it for me to comment on balance issues, but this guy was a tougher fight than the Nazgûl. He consistently hit for about 8% of my max morale. I can weave and dodge and boost morale and heal, but when each whack takes a chunk that large… defeat follows eventually. Oh, and he had something ridiculous like 200K morale, also more than the Nazgûl.

So, the 2nd time through, I jumped off the boat as ordered and passed the mission.

This fact that Balakhôr was a tougher fight than the Nazgûl does not seem right, but it’s fine.

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