GW2 – The Jungle Provides

Ugh, this storyline mission was about the least enjoyable content I’ve played in GW2. It was decent up until the final boss fight, which was ridiculously difficult. I eventually quit due to armor damage, and the googled to see WTF was up with this mission.

I found that another person had similar complaints about the fight. NPC allies downed nearly immediately; Check. Hard to dodge due to geometry of fight; Check. Boss health regens to full; Check.


It was just terrible, basically after the initial engagement with all NPC allies dead, I couldn’t make any progress trying to revive them or fight the boss. I would do maybe 5% of his health in damage, which would heal right back after I died and restarted from a checkpoint. It’s hard to stay on the platforms and/or walkways trying to dodge his large AoE gravity ball (which has a cool looking visual effect) of death.

In the screenshot above it does a large DoT and then 16K in damage. Well I can’t survive that!

After quitting due to armor damage and reading over the linked forum post, it seems the other choice (taking the fight to them) is easier. It could be the same boss but with some maneuvering room it is an entirely different story.

I realized I was frustrated and after cooling down, I re-entered and tried the other option – taking the fight to them. It started with some warmup fights and proceeded to clearing out 3 waves of Mordrem guards. It was tough but felt far more fairly balanced.



My strategy was to let Tizlak, the Nuhoch hylek “big guy” with the large hammer, do the fighting. I would run up and plant a healing spring around him, then dodge back and continue firing my bow. Occasionally I would switch to my staff and use some Druid healing skills. We fought by Tizlak and cleared 2/3 of the pods but he didn’t come with us to fight the last one, so it took a lot longer.


I did pass the mission on this path. It is mind boggling to me how extremely different the difficulty/balance is between the two paths players can take; it’s like two different people designed each path and never spoke to each other. Or one is tuned for a group and the other isn’t and nobody compared notes.

Anyway, done with that and I just want to go back to Tyria for a while. The draw with Maguuma is gearing up via storyline rewards. What to do…

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