LoTRO – Gondor

I finally made it to Gondor with Naerys. Not too far into Gondor, just to Morlad which is right on the other side of the Paths of the Dead. But Morlad has a view of the Stone of Erech so I’m in West Gondor!


I do want to make it to Minas Tirith soon so I may focus Naerys on the storyline rather than quests.

The trip through the Paths of the Dead didn’t take long, and it looked cool.


There was even a session play of an Oathbreaker…


I sided with the group that wanted to honor the oath rather than trust Sauron.

I did a few quests before moving along in the storyline. One involved fighting some bears, which I find hilarious because that was a big threat when Naerys was a lowbie, and as a hobbit the bears are so large they hide her… she still defeats them though.


Anyway, part of me wants to dabble in another character. My burglar Dhrun is level 82 and back at Harwick with his War Steed. But I want to adventure through earlier areas, for nostalgic reasons.

What class to make? I have one of every class at least in the high 20s (Captain) to low 30s (Runekeeper). Start another warden or minstrel? The warden has the most unique playstyle of any class I’ve ever tried, but the downside is taking a break of any sort means forgetting how to play. I have a minstrel in the low 60s standing in Caras Galadhon, so I could dust off that char rather than begin another, but I also wanted to adventure through the Shadows of Angmar content again.

Then it hit me, because I had just been fighting bears with Naerys. Turbine added a new class recently – the Beorning. Perfect – they can shape-shift into bears, how awesome is that?!

I forgot about the Beorning but once I remembered I started one up. After trying about 15 names I gave up and just went with an auto-suggested one, Yrmera.


Right now Yrmera is on the trail of Amdir, and I’m having a good time. I probably won’t play this char too much, but I think with some focusing on the storyline I could have her to Moria before too long.

I haven’t used the shape-shifting too much just yet, because all the mobs outside Combe die in 2-3 hits from my 2-handed axe. I picked the Claw trait tree, because I expect to mostly solo as I level. The fact Beornings have tank (the Hide) and healing (the Roar) traits trees available is extra cool.

Now what would be super cool is if Beornings are neutral to all bears in Middle Earth: they don’t attack you if you don’t attack them. For some reason I don’t think that will happen.

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