GW2 – Heart of Thorns Enjoyment

So far, I am not enjoying Heart of Thorns all that much.

I’ve fallen to my death more times trying to get the first level of gliding mastery than all my characters combined have fallen to their deaths in LoTRO’s Mines of Moria. (I put 7 chars through MoM to Caras Galadhon and beyond).

A typical example is something like this, where I fell off a minor cliff looking for a mastery point (visible at the top)


Here, I can’t jump back up to the path. Those ledges are all too high to jump to. And worse, towards the edge some edges are slippery – jump on, slide off and after 10+ seconds of falling (so fun to watch, NOT) a 300K damage splat on the ground.

Well in full disclosure, I’ve only technically fallen to death twice. What’s really happening is that a fall does 2/3 rds damage which sets me up for the next mob or group to one or two hit me. Sometimes I’m fast enough to hit Mist Form (#8 on my bar) and escape but mostly I am not. Or, I’ll escape the immediate threat only to run into another, or be chased down, etc.

HoT is also filled with stuff like the surprise ambush, after defending a rally point or camp or whatever:


The next step was surviving (?) the ~20 mobs that suddenly appeared.

All of these deaths feel extremely cheap and unfair, like the only way I could have avoided them was to have the foreknowledge to not be there in the first place. Don’t jump down the ledge, you can’t get back up. Don’t stay in the camp after dragging enough supplies in, immediately hide on the edge to avoid the ambush. Etc.

It is possible these annoyances are a side-effect of me not liking the solo elementalist. If a group is around, it’s much better for me to hang in the back, switch attunements and drop every AoE skill I have, especially combo fields.

So rather than get more angry I’ll switch up and play Glyneth, hopping over to the jungle to help unlock more masteries, so I can use bounce mushrooms which would help with navigation. Thanks goodness the masteries are account wide! Even though the GW2 ranger feels different than the GW ranger, having a pet, medium armor, and fighting at range (I use a bow even though apparently some melee weapon combo is superior) makes for a more survivable and enjoyable time for me.


I finally did get the first level of gliding mastery, so now maybe things will proceed a bit smoother now that I can fall off an edge and not plummet to death.

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