GW2 – Maguuma Entry

I’ve recently played several hours on various characters, and come to realize a few things about them… specifically why they felt a bit “off”.

First up, my elementalist Aurora. This is a fun char to play, except the ele is very fragile. As in, I need to kite in circles for many fights because they are so fragile. Lots and lots of dodging, using skills on the run (hm…. sounds like Wildstar). I remember now that’s why I sort of stopped playing my personal story in Chapter 8 – Starving the Beast. Basically in Malchor’s Leap with tons of Risen enemies all over (frenzy, bezerk, etc) it got to be pretty tedious to solo. I do best when others are around and I can linger in the back and use my skills.

Nevertheless, I decided to take Aurora into Heart of Thorns, after all, I bought the expansion. So I switched over to the new story and eventually found myself in the Silverwastes working through it.


Aurora is now at the part where I need to attain the first level of gliding mastery to continue. I decided to put that off and leave it for another night.

Over on my ranger Glyneth, I also adventured for a while. What seems a bit off to me with this character is something inherent in GW – henchmen and heroes. My favorite char in GW was a ranger. I rarely used a pet, always had hench/heroes, and loved to be the master tactician in the back paying attention to the big picture: interrupt that mob, daze this other one, use a skill to benefit the group (secondary profession). That’s all gone in GW2, no secondary profession, no hench/heroes, and I’m left with a pet that occasionally gets me in more trouble due to aggro.

Most of the time the pet is awesome in that it does help keep aggro off me, so the ranger isn’t as squishy as my elementalist (plus the ranger can wear medium armor), but it isn’t the same.


What is nice is that the rangers elite spec is the Druid, a healing spec. I’ve come to enjoy playing healers and they are always in demand, so I’m going to make an effort to advance Glyneth. She’s already level 80 so perhaps I should take a break from the storyline to jump over and open up Maguuma and the mastery tracks.

My “newest” char is my guardian Autumn. This char is fun to play – heavy armor so far more durable than Aurora (a very noticeable difference!). Good combo field/finisher skills, to add a nice amount of extra utility. Unfortunately, Autumn is only level 52 so that’s a ways to get to 80 and opening the jungle.


If I had to pick one char to play, it would either be Glyneth or Autumn. Glyneth currently has the advantage because she’s level 80 and can spec as a Druid, sure to be handy. The only bummer is I wish I could change races and turn a Norn into an Asura. I just like the short races and Asuran culture (golems, inventors/scientists, etc). 🙂

Whatever I do I am going to make an effort to finish up one/any of the storylines. I haven’t finished a single one on any character!

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