TSW – Talismans and Suits

I bought The Park a few weeks ago, since I wanted to support Funcom’s psychological adventure/story game. It is set in the Atlantic Island amusement park which is also in TSW.

Even more interesting is the item tie-in – a set of QL10 gear.

I wasn’t sure how to get that gear, but I finally finished The Park and from the Extras screen, there is a way to log into a TSW account and link the items to the account.

The Park
The Park

So I did that and logged into TSW to greedily pick up my new stuff. Even though I can’t use it because I’m only at QL5 or 6.

Inside TSW I didn’t see anything delivered, but after opening the Store windows, Claim Items tab, I saw my items. Woohoo! (Again, partly muted because I can’t use QL10 heroic items yet. But this is more motivation to quit diddling around and make some real progress in the game).

Squirrel Suit
Squirrel Suit

I also picked up the Squirrel Suit (also a tie-in with The Park) and a Green Zoot Suit. I like my previous ensemble better so after a bit I’ll switch back.


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