GeForce GTX 970

It is certainly a #firstworldproblem to endure sub-par frame rates while gaming… but after ~2.5 years with my trusty GeForce GTX 650, I decided to upgrade to a 970. It arrived and I swapped out cards and went to do a FPS check.

TL;DR – holy moly my frame rates have skyrocketed!


Breezy Banners
Breezy Banners

In this scene Naerys is standing in a gentle breeze whipping Éowyn’s banners in the wind… at a sweet 175.8 FPS!! When I turn around and render more in the distance, the frame rate plummets to 120-140. I can live with that. (CTRL-F to display)


Stros M'kai
Stros M’kai

Hakarla, my Breton Templar basks in the sun and a triple digit frame rate. 🙂 It bounces from the 90’s to the low 100’s but still, this is triple what it was before. (/fps to display)


Blue Mountain camp
Blue Mountain camp

Wayness in the Blue Mountains, with military men doing pushups in the background. 88.4 FPS. Oh yeah! (CTRL-ALT-F to display)


I checked and get the same 62-63 FPS I got before. This tells me GW2 is coded to limit the FPS. In any case, that’s awesome the game runs so well on earlier gen cards. No new screenshot since it’s the same.


WildStar FPS
XAS Forward Camp

The big one, the game that felt weird playing at a mid-20’s frame rate. Check out that awesome frame rate of 101 FPS – more than 5X what I was getting before. Summer, my Granok Medic, will be able to play again! (CTRL-F to display)

If you can’t tell, I’m pretty excited about my new graphics card. Great upgrade, well worth it.

EDIT: add in how to display the frame rates in these games.

2 thoughts on “GeForce GTX 970”

  1. I just upgraded from a 650 to a 960 (the 970 was too out of the price range, because my husband and I both needed new cards) and the difference is astounding! I can finally run two games at max again! 😀 Love all the shots, too. It helped convince my hubby we needed new cards. 😉

    1. The leap from the 650 to 9xx is so huge I’m sure it’ll be fine – if I had to get 2 cards I would have opted for the 960 as well! Glad to hear you and your hubby are gaming away. 🙂

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