LoTRO – Finished Helm’s Deep

My poor guardian Naerys has languished in Helm’s Deep for months. I’ve just been unmotivated to play the Epic Battles involved. They are OK but a bit confusing the figure out what to do exactly.

After an Epic Battle or two, I figured out that the best thing for me to do was 1) make sure the Commanders that were awaiting orders actually had some (I tell them to boost morale, haste, damage, defense) and 2) ignore all white mobs (since those die in seconds to my NPC allies) and instead make sure the orange mobs (signature mobs) don’t roam freely.

And as a guardian, #2 is easy – I can taunt them to me and away from whoever they chose to attack.

So with that basic strategy, I set out to complete the last Epic Battle of Vol 3 Book 13: The Hornburg.

Epic Battle UI
Epic Battle UI

First up was figuring out the new UI… I guess it had been a while since I played and in the meantime the UI was revamped.

Initial Orders
Initial Orders

After quickly surveying the area, I ran around to issue initial orders.

Enemy Enaged
Enemy Enaged

And then it was just waiting as the enemy leaped over to fight us!

Signature Mob
Signature Mob

I tabbed through everything and made sure all the orange/signature mobs were immediately attacked; typically I would taunt them if they were out of melee range, or just attack if close enough.

This method works for me and lets me complete the Epic Battle. Granted, I don’t get as much merit as you probably can, but I just want to finish and move on. There are side goals as well – in this case my two were 1) defend workers as they repaired a collapsed door (success), and 2) stop the ballista (failure) – and I try them, but I don’t redo an epic battle just to succeed at those.

After wrapping up, I played up to Vol 3 Bool 14 Chapter 4… back to the remains of Isengard and meeting up with fellow hobbits Merry and Pippin!

I also noticed something in my inventory, a small yard decoration for the world mergers. So I visited my home and replaced a row of flowers with that flag. I think it looks pretty nice!

Yard decorations
Yard decorations

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