GW2 – Ranger and Guardian

I advanced Glyneth in the storyline a bit. That dynamic event on the lakeshore from a few days ago? The next storyline mission was to rescue people from an underwater prison.

Ugh. I don’t like the underwater stuff because I get turned around trying to target the enemy. Some skills leap you to the mobs, which is fine on land, but add in the ability of either side to move along the z-axis and it always boils down to me frantically rotating the camera just to figure out where I’m attacking.

Plus, the first five skills change. GW2 locks the first 5 skills to the currently equipped weapon (2-handed for 5 skills, or mainhand/offhand for 3/2 skills) which is great, except I avoid going underwater so I’m not as familiar with those weapon skills. Net result, me hitting the keys on cooldown hoping I’m in range and pointed the right direction for the attack to be useful.

These are solvable problems but I vastly prefer staying on the land.

Anyway, after talking to the initial set of prisoners I had to defeat the Slavemaster to get a key to release everybody.


He was easy to find due to the minimap and soon I had picked off his escorts and swam in for a final confrontation. After freeing the underwater prisoners I had to climb a structure and free more, and eventually reach the top where somebody important was held captive.

Priestess Fight
Priestess Fight

After a quick battle I freed them as well, and finished up the mission.

Then, I switched over to my Guardian.

I like the ranger but… it is tough to put my finger on it, something is slightly off about playing one. Sometimes my attention wanders during fights, because there isn’t much to do besides wait for cooldowns.

Perhaps I need to mix up my utilty skills. Most are spirits which means they are planted before fights and longbow combat reduces to hitting 2 and 5 on cooldown plus 1 (rapid fire, barrage, and long range shot).

I think of my guardian in LoTRO, a game which features many more skills for each class. The guardian there has a set of skills plus many more reactives, ones that become available on a parry or block. So there, I pay more attention to fights to follow reactive chains and of course use other taunts, shield skills etc.

In GW2, the guardian’s first 5 skills are also locked to weapon choice, but there is an extra mechanic of combos as well. Rangers have those too, but as you can see from the chart the longbow only has finishers; if I want to initiate a field I need to pick them from my healing or utility skills.

Meanwhile, the GW2 guardian has weapons with both combo fields and finishers, such as the greatsword and hammer. Plus, they have a bunch of fields available as utility skills.

The combo adds a nice extra dimension to combat when solo, and are very useful while grouped too.

Anyway, my guardian Autumn is level 32, so there’s a ways to go before catching up to Glyneth and Aurora, my two level 80’s!


I pecked away at the storyline, confronting Keppa, who is quite honest about his business model.

Cepha's Constant
Cepha’s Constant

Later I attended a talk by Professor Gorr, but he had to retrieve some notes. In the meantime, Cepha presented a measurement which ranked the Asura first over all the other Tyrian races – what a surprise!

After wrapping that up I stopped. I’m enjoying my time back in Tyria.

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