GW2 – Timberline Falls

I can keep busy in GW2 by simply following the storyline.

I planned to advance to the next mission, so I ran off from the outpost at Condordia Waypoint towards Nonmoa Lake in the south east. But as I stepped out, a dynamic event popped up – an invasion! So, I stuck around and helped repel the invasion with the help of 3 or 4 other players.

And on my way to Serpent Waypoint, another dynamic event popped up – escort a researcher to the lake in order to test a device. What the heck, I jumped into that one too.

Lake Defense
Lake Defense

The researcher setup right next to the green star for my storyline… but afterwards I decided to go to the outpost and tag another waypoint – Talus Waypoint.

In that outpost, the undead decided to invade so I participated in that too! Perhaps ArenaNet has cranked up the frequency of dynamic events, or I’m just lucky. 😉

I decided to put off the storyline mission, Striking Off the Chains, until another day. The reason was… superstition I suppose. I hit a graphics driver crash and decided to investigate. You see, entering a mission right after a driver crash seemed like tempting fate.

I just so happen to windbg setup, so I used it to open the crash dump (which wound up in C:\Windows\LiveKernelReports\WATCHDOG\blahblahblah.dmp, so I opened it and did the basic triage steps:

3: kd> !analyze -v
* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *

The display driver failed to respond in timely fashion.

Yeah well I knew that from the crash popup. No extra info that is useful; all signs point to the driver:

MODULE_NAME: nvlddmkm

IMAGE_NAME: nvlddmkm.sys


FAILURE_BUCKET_ID: LKD_0x117_IMAGE_nvlddmkm.sys

BUCKET_ID: LKD_0x117_IMAGE_nvlddmkm.sys


Of course, nVidia might claim that the game (i.e. Guild Wars 2) didn’t setup various graphics calls properly and that was the real cause.

Unfortunately there are no public symbols for the nVidia drivers, and even if there were I am not really familiar with the graphics subsystem or any of that stuff. It’s always worth a looking at a crash dump in case there is an obvious cause but digging into this one is past me.

I’ve seen people complaining about instability with GW2 after the HoT release… this is my first crash. I’ll keep an eye on it though. I remember having a lot of trouble playing GW2 when it first released, 3 years ago. I was hitting driver timeouts constantly way back then!

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