WS – Chua Return

Now that WildStar is F2P, I decided to hop back in and peek around. I liked the game well enough to subscribe to it, but I stopped because I didn’t really have much time to play. That’s a problem with me and sub MMOs in general – I can really only get 2-5 hours a week in and that’s not really enough to justify a subscription. Not that games aren’t a good value, it is that they aren’t compared to other stuff I could be doing instead.

My old chars are still there, including my Granok medic, Autumn Tian. I only ever got to level 20, so there isn’t really a giant barrier to restarting. So I rolled up a Chua medic, Eve Tian. I figure what the heck, check out the Dominion side. I like the looks of the Mechari better, but decided on a Chua after reading about a guild named “For Science“. They advertise as a “Chua-centric guild”, so I figured why not make a Chua, in the very long term goal of possibly joining them. 😉

Intro quest
Intro quest

I poked around and the game as fun as I remember it. I’m still getting a low frame rate, roughly 30 fps, slightly better than before. If it bugs me I might consider upgrading my video card (currently a GeForce 650 GTX).

I quested along, following the zone story, and leveled up… and right afterwards hit a network error. I decided to stop and take care of some other stuff and let the initial post-f2p crowd and other issues settle down more.

Network Error
Network Error

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