GW2 – Early Levels

After just under 4 hours of play on Autumn, my Asura Guardian, I am level 14 and through the first batch of storyline quests: Experiments Gone Wrong.

Leveling and questing flows smoother now – I remember with my previous batch of lowbie characters, finishing up the initial zone and having to quest in an adjacent area to level up appropriately. Granted, this wasn’t a huge deal, but however ArenaNet rearranged things, I was able to hit level 10 within Metrica Province, and then reach 14 by doing the personal story quests. I also detoured for every dynamic event that popped up.

Hm… I just remembered that before starting out, I ate one of those Birthday Boosters, which grant an xp bonus for 24 hours (of in-game time). That’s a 100% boost to magic find, WvW rank gain, experience from kills, and gold from kills…. that bonus to experience is probably what I’m seeing here.

Ah well, at least I didn’t use a level 20 experience scroll, that only saves a bit of time after all.

I looked at the new Profession Reward Tracks and spent a few hero points into Consecration, since those skills have useful AoE effects and are all combo field starters (fire and light starters).

After reaching the castle at Artergon Woods, I decided to get to the vista and call it a day.

Artergon Woods
Artergon Woods

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