TSW – Blue Mountain (at last?)

Steam tells me I’ve played 89 hours of The Secret World, and I’m finally ready for the Blue Mountain zone. I’ve done every mission I can find in Solomon Island (not so sure about Kingsmouth but I’m also too lazy to backtrack just for completion) and I only skipped one that I know of (Hell and Bach). Nearly all my gear is QL5; I think only a minor pendant isn’t.

I’m at tier 12 of Dawning of an Endless Night, and also have the Stranger in a Strange Land mission. Both of these take place in Blue Mountain. I already did the one mission where you drop some dogtags off at an outpost in Blue Mountain, after exploring a cave, but that just finished there. It’s a quest that leads you to the next zone, not one that takes place in that zone.

Now, it really is time to move forward!

Blue Mountain Bridge
Blue Mountain Bridge

TSW Fighting

So two comments about how fighting proceeds, for me at least, in the Secret World.

I’ve read the criticism that combat is a bit dull, and I can see where that comes from. The way builders and consumers work, many fights come down to 5 X builder, 2 X consumer, toss in a few utility skills when needed. So in the respect, it is a bit repetitive.

However, after adding in dodging and mobility, it is better than planting yourself and hitting 1,1,1,1,1,2,3. It becomes more active: far more than WoW, a bit less than WildStar, around the same as a slowed down fight in GW2.

After considering the skill system – I can train all weapons and skills, change my role by swapping weapons – I’m really enjoying it overall.

Since consumer skills are more effective with more resources, I find myself staring at the small weapon resource area during fights. Or glancing frequently, and often catching the rest of the action in my peripheral vision. It is handy that a boss AoE charging circle is easily noticeable in the background.

I’ve been playing so much (relatively speaking) TSW lately because it fits my schedule very well. Many days I just have an hour or a bit more to play, and that’s enough time to finish a mission or 3 in TSW. Also, I’m a Grandmaster which gives me an xp-boost potion every day, and it lasts for an hour. The timing is good.


4 thoughts on “TSW – Blue Mountain (at last?)”

  1. I think you maybe just have nailed in this post, why there’s a number of people who don’t like TSWs combat. They might indeed fight in the “stand and deliver” style, which they learned in other games and did not adapt to the mobility TSW requires. Combine this with not runing a even halfway reasonable build and i understand why Blue Mountains already is over their head. Mind you, i am not speaking of a greatly refined build from an outside source, but just looking at the passives available and selecting a reasonable combination seems to be too much for many people out there. (I’ve seen youtube videos were people struggle in Blue Mountains by fighting only with builders and not using consumers, not using the power of a second weapon and far from understanding the effect of passives. )

    So all in all, once you understand the power of mobility in TSW, things get much smoother. Also note that by staying mobile, you can force mobs to do movement animations instead of attack animations and thus delay their attacks. This can reduce their damage by up to 30% and according to some developer statements, this effect is intended.

    That being said, rotations at the higher end can also be much more complicated. Let me paint a rough picture:

    A general passive is elemental force, which makes every eight attack to critically hit, while your usual rotation is 5/1/1, so a total of 7 attacks. But you want to have the critical attack on a consumer, as that one is the big damage. Now add to this that you might use elemental or blood magic in your setup. With them, your consumer often uses just 2 or 3 ressources and does not get stronger for having more of them. You definitely don’t want to waste ressources on them. Now also add in that you might have additional “special use” attacks, e.g. elite abilities or aux weapon abilities, which you sometimes want to use for maximum damage, at other times for their utility effects.

    This is not even a complete setup yet, there might be some more stuff in there, but listing all of that would create a huge monster of posting without any benefit. But i think it’s quite clear that the usual 5/1/1 rotation won’t do the job any more here.

    Truth to be told, there’s plenty of people who also just do the 5/1/1 rotation in the first nightmare dungeons, where it suffices. The game does not force you to use a more complicated setup, you can see all content with a convenience setup, you just might not complete it at the highest difficulty. (It’s really only a very small portion of the game where you “need” really sophisticated setups, but in return their reward is not needed anywhere in the game outside of the top tier gameplay. )

    It’s always interesting to have some “convenience” and some “sophisticated” damage dealer in group. The second do about double the damage of the first, so the game not only allows but very much also rewards more complicated setups and the skill to use them, instead of doing one rotation over and over. TSW allows bland and simple rotations, which is good for convenience, but i consider it unfair that people often consider combat “simple” in the game, while the actual limitation is their lazyness and their refusal to investigate and use the options presented to them.
    (And to be honest, for gameplay outside of dungeons i also usually go the lazy way and use a setup with a rather simple rotation. )

    1. Thanks for the info and details. I look forward to unlocking more “outer ring” skills and making more interesting decks and/or variants of ones I find. I do like the limited action bar mechanism since it makes you choose skills that work well together… and TSW has so many choices!

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