TSW – Gravity

The Secret World has memorable investigative missions, ones that involve tricky puzzle solving.

In Kingsmouth, one that stood out to me was Dead Air, which involved listening to a morse code tranmission and decoding it for the coords to the next stage. In the Savage Coast, the investigative mission that stands out for me is Gravity, which has you use a lens to read a map.

I didn’t solve Dead Air on my own, I got stuck on the decode and looked up the correct answer. Similarly, I was stuck on Gravity so I peeked… and when I saw how to continue, I was able to get the rest. All the same, both puzzles were awesome.

In Gravity, you start with a will and a lens. It is straightforward to use the lens and get a special buff that lets you read hidden text in the will. Follow the directions and soon enough you are at the next step… but stuck. There is some broken glass at the end of the trail but what to do?

I fiddled around but didn’t get it, and eventually looked it up.

The answer (spoilers ahead) is to craft the tool for the next step. Yes, crafting as a way to solve a mission, not just make gear, or as it is in so many games, craft items straight into the trash just to bump your crafting skill higher.

To continue I had to open the regular crafting menu, and add the lens and the broken glass together to get a red lens. At the end of the next stage, there was blue broken glass laying nearby… but I knew what to do from the previous step.

The next step didn’t have any broken glass, but I took a guess and use both red and blue to craft a purple lens, which let me continue. I just loved it. Crafting actually used for good purpose for a puzzle oriented quest! The closest quest similar to this, in recent memory, is from Skyrim where you had to examine the Golden Claw closely to dial the correct combination for a door – but that didn’t involve any crafting.

Without the hint – the TSWDB site if fantastic, all of their mission walkthroughs are excellent – I don’t think I would have come up with crafting as the way forward.

Here is what the map looked like without the correct color lens:

Regular Lens
Regular Lens

and what it looked like with the correct lens:

Color Lens
Color Lens

I think this game sets the bar for great quests, and I’m only two zones into the game. Yes, I’ve been dallying and there was a solid year I didn’t play it, but now I’ve gotten back into the game and am really enjoying myself. The combo of the new player revamps, a better build I found on the forums, and better quality gear (mostly QL4 and 5 at this point) has made it far more enjoyable than before.

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