LoTRO – Epic Battle Deeping-Coomb

OK, I’m getting the hang of these Epic Battles. My goal isn’t to fight every single mob that streams in, my goal is to make sure the commanders have current orders (heal if available, sometimes armor if available; otherwise default) and basically ignore all the regular/white mobs.

I’m better served by tabbing through and only helping with the orange/elite mobs. The white die by the time I get one attack in. Where the orange ones can inflict major damage to my troops if left unchecked.


So I just parked myself in a convenient spot, and issued various Guardian taunts and challenges to ensure the orange/elite mobs came after me first. I’d get part of my rotation in and with the help of the NPC focus fire, they would die quickly enough.

And that’s how I got through the Deeping-Coomb battle on my first attempt.

It isn’t exactly the heroic feeling, ignoring 80% of the incoming enemies, but the NPCs can handle those while I concentrate on the threats to victory. In some ways, I suppose it does have a movie battle-scene feel, where the heroes wander around mowing down the grunts and have a big fight against the leaders in the opposition – while the rest of the battle rages around them.

All the same I’ll be glad to finish up Vol 3 Book 13 and move onto Gondor (after confronting Saruman).

One thought on “LoTRO – Epic Battle Deeping-Coomb”

  1. Not a Epic Battle (BB?) player but what I have experienced is that I make no impact at all, will look out for ORANGE mobs next time 🙂

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