TSW – Savage Coast Exploring

Well it has been a long long time since I played TSW, so I decided to remedy that issue. Plus, it is “golden week” so I am more efficient in earning ability points! According to the webpage, that ability stacks with boosts from the store so I bought one of those too.

It’s a great game featuring questing and exploration, with the ability to train everything and switch classes on the fly.

I resumed in Savage Coast, where I left off. In the grand scheme of things, I’m not very far along at all, something like 10/18 in the Savage Coast storyline mission, which is one zone out of newbie land. Now that the revamped new player experience patch is up, combat promises to be a bit faster. But the really nice feature was a map that displays mission locations.

My currently active mission was for Daniel Bach in the Overlook Motel. It turns out demons and hell beasts and portals opened up on the beach, so I went to help fix that by slaying monsters and closing rifts.

Beach Battle
Beach Battle

Once that was done, I followed the road and discovered groups of zombies feasting on corpses. The mission I took and completed involved burning 5 bodies, which of course were all surrounded by zombies.

About this time, I decided to research some and change up my build. I had been using various starter decks, which were all pretty decent, but after a bit of searching I settled on a suggested build from the forums, the “Blade Fist Progression Deck” which has some nice features. It is flexible, with a bit of tanking and healing, an AoE impair (putting conditions on mobs is key and part of making skills decks is picking skills that synergize well: place a condition with one skill, exploit it with another). It builds up to more powerful decks which is nice – I know that with enough play, I’ll get enough ability points to learn all the skills… but in the meantime I’d like a little guidance so I can spend my ability points well. While building towards the final deck I can experiment a bit as well.

TSW rewards the player that completes the suggested skills decks with a cosmetic outfit. For example, by learning the skills that make up the beginner “Trickster” deck, you unlock the corresponding uniform. So part of my motivation for learning the skills for the starter decks was to get a variety of outfits (all cosmetic) to wear, and also learn skills that were part of suggested decks. I do want to research and build my own skill combos, but starting out I also didn’t want to spend all my points towards a (temporary) dead-end.

For now, I had enough skills unlocks to use most of the Blue Mountain Deck active skills – I believe I need to purchase Brandish and Surgical Steel, so those are what I will be saving ability points for.

With my new skill deck, I went off to a creepy wooded area to destroy large insects (mission: The Exterminator).

Creepy Woods
Creepy Woods

In the middle of this area was a treehouse – aha but I knew that because of the awesome new map which shows mission locations! – so I climbed up and grabbed another side mission, to kill some wandering named zombies in the amusement park to the south.

On the way to the location for that mission, I ran across another one (Stranger than Fiction), which eventually led me to kill a monster roaming the park that was attacking people. Tier 2 of the quest is to investigate the lighthouse to the south-east.

That’s where I left off… to return soon.

Anyway, I do enjoy the interweaving of exploration and questing in TSW and ESO – both are similar in that you might run across another quest or two while out trying to finish another one, and both have quests that are multi-stage and update as you accomplish intermediate milestone.

2 thoughts on “TSW – Savage Coast Exploring”

  1. I started playing ESO lately, with the BTP conversion, and I found myself kinda disappointed in ESO’s questing. But you’re right, the questing is very similar in both. Each mission being an over-arcing, multi-part quest usually involving multiple locations and leading you to new missions along the way. But ESO’s so far have been all pretty much the same, and I found myself clicking through the dialogue as fast as possible, as it just didn’t seem to hold much weight. “yeah, yeah, werewolves, kidnapping, some big bad in a cave… again”. At least TSW gives different mission types, not just combat, but investigative, side, and stealth missions as well, something I have yet to find in ESO.

    1. Oh yeah TSW has better missions like you said. Some of the “puzzle” ones are tough – so far the one that had you decode a morse code transmission to get coords for the next step stands out in my mind. It’s great, challenging, and atmospheric definitely!

      I had a stealth quest (sort of) in ESO, to steal a bottle of wine. What you could do is capture a rat and let it loose, or get somebody to sing an annoying song and distract the bartender. But it wasn’t as “deep” as one stealth mission in TSW, sneaking through a warehouse avoiding searchlights. Something like that, it has been a while. 😉

      So TSW is a notch above ESO, as far as questing, but I’d put them combined above WoW/WS and even LoTRO. I have fun in those games but switching around between them highlights the differences to me. Those last 3 have a bunch of “I need bumblebee stingers, go kill bees and bring me 8 back” kind of quests.

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