LoTRO – Stone of Erech

It has been a while since I played my Champion, Autumn, so I decided to move along in the epic storyline. I left off running errands for the crazy dwarf Nár, and wrapped up that book.

After a bit of questing, I found myself at the Stone of Erech session play.

Now, I’m not the biggest fan of session play. It’s nice for a bit of variety away from your character, but too much is annoying. For example, the Goblin starter area in WoW, it seemed like I was jumping in a vehicle or taking control of something else every 3rd quest.

LoTRO handles it pretty well, since it often uses it to fill in some background information or expand on the story.

Stone of Erech
Stone of Erech

In this instance, I’m alongside Isildur as he makes a treaty with the King of the Mountains, who swears an oath but breaks it. In between there is a fight where we clear out some orcs from a fortress – part of the oathbreaking as they did not aid against Sauron. In the third part of the instance, Isildur curses the men to remain undead until they fulfill their oath, so they go on to haunt the Paths of the Dead for 3000 years. Later in the books and movie, Aragorn calls on them to help in a battle against Sauron’s forces, and then releases them afterward (about 2:20 into this video) because they finally fulfilled their oath.

I remember the scene in the books and movie, but forgot how the curse came about until “being there” (so to speak) in LoTRO.

I think this storytelling and detail is fantastic. It may only appeal to fans of Middle Earth and associated IP/lore, but it is great none the less. LoTRO is the only MMO I’ve played where I’ve actually felt like I’m in the world itself, helping with tasks big and small. Most of the others make me feel like I’m using a graphical frontend to an optimized mob killing machine. That’s fun too, but I couldn’t even tell you what the story is in GW2 or WoW; it’s arbitrary and bosses are their to massacre for their loot.

Actually GW did a good job, but due to heroes/henchman, it was somewhere in between a single-player RPG and an MMO for me. I spent half my time grouped with NPCs for the storyline, which I also really enjoyed.

Wildstar… I’m not that far along to be too invested in the story. I’m in one of two factions fighting to control a new planet for its resources, and there is also digging into the mystery of a vanished technologically superior race, the Eldan.

TSW has a good storyline too; I need to work that game back into my rotation.

Anyway, after speaking to Nona, I had the funny situation of needing to speak to Halbarad in Lhanuch… both copies of him. This happens if you have both Vol 3 Book 3 Chapter 3 (Nona’s Request) and Vol 3 Book 4 Chapter 1 (Departure of Lhanuch) active.

Seeing Double
Seeing Double

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