A few weeks Jeromai asked about interacting with people and the extent of it, while gaming. I’m one of “those” mostly-solo MMOers, because I prefer and get player interaction with RL friends face-to-face via board gaming. Thus I never really sought out much interaction in MMOs, because random groups and disembodied voices are a pale imitation of actual interaction.

Plus, after burning out playing Asheron’s Call, I came back to the genre with Guild Wars which had henchmen/heroes to help round out needing a full group of people. Not to say I haven’t been in great groups or guilds or even had long-term online friends via gaming.

Of the games I play, the key draws for me are: storyline in two of them (LoTRO and TSW), plain fun and enjoyment in another (WildStar), and grouping in one more (WoW). I’m too inconsistent as a GW2 player to count it in my game rotation, but I’m mostly there to quest/explore and work along in the storyline as well. I do enjoy all the games and attempt to follow the story (as it is) in each, but let me say that as far as WoW goes, I’m there because I’m in a casual guild whose raid schedule works for me – and I have 2 coworkers that play… I wouldn’t be there for the storyline or questing otherwise.

To get me in the mood to try ESO:TU, I restarted Skyrim. I got partway through on a swordsman and an archer, but both fizzled out because I didn’t enjoy (read: wasn’t good at) combat. So this next start I will go with a good old destruction mage, similar to what I played in Morrowind.

The other thing I’m going to do is let my EVE sub run out. It’s a great game with many design features I like, but overall I’m not looking for what it does the best. I still have 6 weeks left since I pay in 3 month increments so we’ll see.

In the meantime, I’m pecking away at Skyrim and recently defeated Mirmulnir. I absorbed the Dragon’s power when it was slain and am led to believe I’m “Dragonborn”.

Dragon Attack
Dragon Attack

What I’m really hoping for is ESO:TU to go on a nice big sale tomorrow!

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