Random Answers

Jeromai throws down the gauntlet. <wildstar voice>Challenge Accepted!</wildstar voice> 😉

  • How much time do you spend gaming each day or each week?
  • I spend about 20 hours a week playing games… divided between board games and computer games. I’m a long time board gamer, starting in 1998, 2 years before trying an MMO.

    I don’t schedule meeting real-life friends and events ahead of computer gaming, so my computer game time is mostly confined to weekend afternoons and Mon evening – that’s when the WoW guild I’m in raids (the guild also raids Wed evening, but that’s a board gaming night and takes precedence. If something else comes up Mon evening, it will take precedence over the WoW raid).

    I do steal an hour here and there every day during the week, which is why themepark MMOs work so well for me. Especially ones I can solo decently in, or can drop in/out of easily, or have short easy-to-do tasks available (like Garrison upkeep in WoW), or do not feature significant PvP (battleground/alliance-battle style PvP is OK due to ease of joining/leaving. Anything more complicated means difficulty predicting how much time it will take). Essentially, sometimes all I have time for is advancing a few quests and then recalling to a safe spot to log off.

    I also have a bunch of games on Steam I like to play from time to time, and I fit those in whenever I have spare time because that’s easy to do for single player games.

  • How many people do you roughly interact with while gaming, and what’s the extent of your interactions?
  • For small board game night, 3 or 4. For big board game night, 5 to 8 and sometimes more. We also occasionally play trivia and then board games, because we’re near a board game cafe that has Thu night trivia.

    In computer games, well that varies a ton. I mostly solo due to time constraints. In WoW I raid once a week, so anywhere from 10-25, the FlexRaid system is pretty nice to allow a lot of variance in player numbers. In LoTRO, everybody else I know that plays has stopped, so it is just me at this point. Same in GW2, but that is an active game so I could probably join a guild if I wanted, including the one I was in back in GW – I did a server transfer to the server they play on, luckily for free back when they were balancing WvW stuff. I have a friend that plays TSW, but not so much anymore (and we also played GW and LoTRO together) and if I were more active I might try to find a small cabal to join. In WildStar, I joined a small guild of new players and returning vets and we had enough to do a 5-man instance, and it was huge fun. See tomorrow’s post. And then in EVE, I have 2 chars in a wormhole corp and usually only see 3-4 others on and nobody chats much, and I have my main char in Brave Newbies which is like a roaring hurricane compared to the quiet I’m used to.

    In summary – mostly solo with a few small group content (~5ish player) instances thrown in. A weekly raid size outing, 10-25 in WoW and sometimes I’ll do LFR for fun. Huge numbers in EVE, except I’ve missed every call to defense since I’ve joined due to bad timing.

  • What emotions do you enjoy experiencing while playing a game?
  • A feeling I had fun, whatever I did was enjoyable and not tedious. It’s great to overcome some obstacle and advance (computer game), win a game or be on the winning team (board game), see something new/different or more of the story (computer), puzzle out or try different skill combos/builds (computer game – WildStar, TSW), learn a new board game, work towards a common goal (everything: computer, cooperative board game, trivia).

  • What are some of your favorite genres/settings/worlds to read about in a book?
  • I like sci-fi/fantasy, spy thrillers, and misc other non-fiction topics.

  • Are they any different from the genres/settings/worlds you might like in a game? (Be it a computer game or a tabletop RPG.)
  • I think Sanderson’s Mistborn world would make an interesting setting. It has a physics based magic system (burning/consuming metals for various effects) so the game version would require an economy with ore node harvesting not for crafting, but for powering skills.

    I’m not sure a spy thriller would make a good MMO setting – that would be more like a solo stealth-based game or RPG, such as the Thief series or Splinter Cell.

  • What Warhammer 40k army would you choose (assuming unlimited budget)?
  • I have to punt on this, I don’t know much about Warhammer 40K so my answer would basically be a coin flip.

    Geez, I googled Warhammer 40K and looked at their website. Not a coin flip, more like a d20 roll. Still have no idea.

  • ASCII art, yea or nay?
  • Overall all, nay. I recognize that some ascii art is creative and impressive working within the limitations of the medium. All the same, I’m not seeking it out to admire. I suppose I’m neutral on it.

  • Your favorite vegetable, and your most loathed one…
  • My most loathed one is brussel sprouts. Ugh. As for favorite… there are many I like, but my favorite are green beans.

  • Unlimited budget, pick one country in the world, that you haven’t been to, that you’d like to visit.
  • There are countries I’d like to revisit on an unlimited budget. But for a country I haven’t been to, that would be Egypt to do history/archaeology tours, and on my unlimited budget 😉 do some desert camping/caravan adventure.

  • You cannot choose a human for your next MMO character. Would you pick a tall race or a short race first? (Width or muscularity, bestial features or lack thereof is up to you.)
  • I usually pick a non-human when possible and I do like short races. In LoTRO, I like Hobbits. In GW2, I like Asuras. In WildStar… well the Chua look decent but I like the looks of the Granok and Mechari much more. In WoW, I like the Draenei (a tall race, another exception) and Gnomes. But overall I like the look of the Draenei better.

    TSW and EVE have human characters only.

    I like the Hobbits especially in LoTRO because of the occasional size mismatch. My highest level character is a Hobbit guardian and I love the size mismatch when fighting a troll or something large and I’m swiping at its legs.

    What I don’t like are excessively cute characters. I can’t explain it better, this would just be lumped in with personal aesthetics and what I like in an avatar which is difficult to describe fully. As an example, if I were to start playing FFXIV:ARR, I would probably choose a Roegadyn. The cat people (Miqo’te) and the child race (Lalafell) are just straight out of consideration for me, the Hyur appear to be the human race, so that leaves it between the Roegadyn and the Elezen. So in this game I’d be a tall race.

    Another example: I dabbled in Allods Online and rolled a Gibberling. 5 mins later I decided I hated the looks of the char so it was gone. All the other non-human choices were large or bestial.

  • Wings or no wings?
  • No wings for me, I don’t like the look. Back in GW1 I specifically chose Istani armor for my paragon because it was the least wing-like. I’m behind the curve in GW2, I’m not even sure what cosmetic armor is depicted.

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