LoTRO – Deeping Wall

I’ve been a slacker with Naerys and let her sit for months at Vol 3 Book 13 Chapter 6, Atop the Wall. The quest is to complete the Epic Battle: The Deeping Wall.

I had to attempt it twice since the first one failed. I spent my time in the first attempt loading the rock drops

Loading Rock Drops
Loading Rock Drops

and fighting on the wall with the bulk of the soldiers

Soldiers Atop the Wall
Soldiers Atop the Wall

and when the announcement came the culvert was under threat, I ran down to help there too. The culvert defense was a success, but eventually our position was overrun and the overall attempt ended in failure.

It was tough to figure out what I did wrong. After reading through the wiki hints, I got the impression that keeping our catapult alive was very important.

So, on the next try I didn’t fight as much, still loaded and rock drops when I passed through to check on the soliders, and spent much more time loading, firing, and repairing the catapult.

When the call to help the culvert went out, I responded and concentrated on the trolls. But this attempt ended in failure because all the workers were killed. Oops, maybe I forgot to keep giving orders to the foreman and soliders also there.

I returned to the catapult and kept repairing and firing it, and got a different encounter, to repel orc shaman trying to spew vileness with totems. I fought and defeated all the orc shamans that appeared, but still failed this side quest. Maybe I was supposed to load the rock drops and use them as well? Because I didn’t see any totems anywhere so I’m not sure where they were placed.

Back to the catapult to repair and fire it, and suddenly Aragorn announced we had to clear the wall. That is, I won the scenario but still had to vacate the top since it was about to blow up. So I ran away along the route to the culvert.


At the bottom the wall blew up, and a few seconds after that the scenario closed.

I can see why players weren’t thrilled with the Epic Battle system. I failed the first one when I thought I was doing well, and passed the second one without a whole lot of feedback that I was doing better. Performing the engineer tasks of loading/using the rock drops, loading/firing/repairing the catapult, don’t really have an obvious impact on success but apparently it does – at least keeping the catapult repaired and usable in this scenario. I failed both side quests the 2nd attempt, despite putting a lot of effort into it. It seems the way to get through these is not to use your character skills and abilities, but run around directing the defense and repairing stuff.

Anyway, I advanced a bit in the epic storyline to Chapter 7, Depending the Deep, another epic battle. I’m 40% through these epic battle before moving onto Book 14. 🙂

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