After finding out how lousy the framerate is for WildStar, I dug around and displayed framerates in the various games I play.

  • WoW, 100 – CTRL-R
  • LoTRO, 77 – CTRL-F
  • GW2, 63 – displayed in the corner of the graphics options dialog
  • TSW, 30 – CTRL-ALT-F
  • WS, 18 – CTRL-F

All these games are at 2560×1440 with mostly default quality settings. I generally don’t go through and tweak anything, letting the game default or decide for me. But, I may have clicked a slider a position or two, but I definitely didn’t crank up TSW or WS to trash the frame rate, nor did I degrade the appearance of WoW, LoTRO, GW2, or EVE to crank the frame rate.

No surprise with WoW leading at 100 fps on my system. LoTRO is impressive, given how old the game is and how great the game looks. GW2 isn’t too bad, and neither is EVE.

But TSW and WS are kinda dragging. TSW is decent and I don’t really notice it is at 30 fps when I play. But I do notice the ~18 fps I get in WS and I’m sure that isn’t hard to believe.

So I can look for tweaks to improve the framerate of WS or splurge on a newer fancier graphics card. I suppose I should try in-game stuff first, since that won’t cost me anything.

EDIT: after fiddling for a while, I found the simplest way to bump up the FPS in WildStar is to play at a lower resolution. In 1920×1200, I get about 38-40 FPS. I’d rather do that than degrade every other setting to eke out a few FPS here and there.

3 thoughts on “Framerates”

    1. I was surprised when I looked at the framerate – it didn’t bother me before. But now I know and somehow that matters, haha.

      TSW does eat up a lot of disk space but I like the game enough to keep it around. Unlike AoC which also ate a huge amount of space I decided to reclaim. 🙂

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