WS – Housing

I reached level 14 (I kept going until 15) in WildStar – so I can get a house (level 14) and a mount (level 15)!

Actually I’m not all that excited about the house. The chief benefit for me is that certain housing items grant rest xp bonuses, but those cost money and I’m saving up for a mount. Thus, my housing is bare. I decorated with the handful of items that you get when you get a house.

Simple Granok House
Simple Granok House

Here I am admiring my simple Granok house and a crafting station I built on another plot.

The housing system is pretty fancy, with multiple plots available for building, and all the usual decorations. Each one can be rotated along 3 axes, linked to other items, etc. Compared to LoTRO’s rather simple housing where fixed sized items are hung on hooks, this one is super fancy.

But, I am not going to spend a ton of time fiddling with the housing. I placed a bed and rug for the slight rest xp bonus, and logged off in my housing plot.

Questing and combat is still pretty fun; the game has great graphics and combat effects:

Robot Combat
Robot Combat

There is one major problem I have with WildStar: I only get ~20 FPS. My card isn’t cutting edge – it is a GeForce GTX 650, latest drivers and all that – but 20 FPS?! That’s terrible. The game plays just a tad choppy but it is still reasonable enough for me to get by.

This framerate issue makes me want to measure the FPS in other games I play just for some comparisons. It could be WildStar has some optimization issues so before I go off and splurge on a newer card I’ll do some measuring and comparing. I upgraded to an SSD a few months ago so perhaps I can talk myself into another upgrade.

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