EVE – Missed Strat Op

We received email about a fleet forming up for the 3GD6-8 station defense, at 23:00 EVE time or 7pm Eastern.

StratOp email
StratOp email

Problem is, 23:00 EVE time is actually 6pm Eastern (standard time, currently), and I went off EST since that’s the timezone I live in. So when I showed up thinking I was 30 mins early, I was actually 30 mins late. Dammit. I was really looking forward to finally flying a doctrine EWAR frigate and joining in on some action for BRAVE. Defending our station – that’s cool!

Unfortunately, 30 mins in the fleets had already formed up, moved out, and were engaging the enemy, Pandemic Legion. I logged into Mumble and joined the Phi Main fleet channel, so I could listen in to what was happening.

It sounded interesting, a few players giving orders on what to do (interdictors – bubble target; warp out to bookmarks, stay at 300km, warp back in, etc; move away from PL’s Lokis and Proteuses (Proteii?); EWAR – disrupt a target; warp out to friendlies; dock up and repair; etc) and generally coordinating and managing the fleet/strat op.

I think, if I understood what was said on comms, that BRAVE was able to “win” by rolling over some kind of timer, meaning PL would have to restart their attack and wear down all the station’s regular defenses and do it again.

After listening for bit extra I decided to log off and do something else. It was interesting to listen to, but not that interesting to listen to over actually doing something.

Props to the folks that tirelessly guide what must be a herd of cats to pull major actions off. I hope to make it the next time and will pay more attention to the EVE time for fleet formation. I can’t really complain about the email sent out since it was probably just a typo and besides, 200 other players managed to fleet up at the actual time. I was in a small group of folks at GE-8JV asking about the fleet formation so I wasn’t the only one that missed it. 😉

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