EVE – Brave Newbies

As you have probably guessed from the post title, I joined Brave Newbies on my main char, Aurora Tian.

My other two chars, Summer and Autumn, are still in Foo’s wormhole corporation, where I hope my sporadic (but hopefully more regular) planetary interaction provides a small income. I probably won’t post much about what’s going on there, since it is mostly the same: log in and reset extractors; fly goods to market. I’ll continue to avoid mentioning the locus signature of the wormhole we are in… I’m not sure that info is useful for locating us in anyway, but I’m not sure.

Anyway, there is a large amount of info to absorb, for multiple reasons. Being in a large corp that is in a large alliance, dealing with multiple wardecs and how that impacts getting around, reading up on doctrine ships and so much more. So I spent the first few hours as a BNI member… reading various emails, wikis, websites, watching videos, and making/trying out some techniques like insta-dock and insta-undock bookmarks.

I still need to setup “core authorization” so I can join some other private websites, setup mumble, and take care of various other things before flying out to GE-8JV to join up with the others. Before applying, I piloted to Agil which is the closest hisec system (with a station) to Catch and GE-8JV. Now I just have 13 hops to go. 😉

Route to GE-8JV
Route to GE-8JV

It’s exciting – I’ve been training electronic warfare, logistics, and combat (missile) skills for a while, so I’m looking forward to using them.

The EVEMon tool is proving to be even more indispensable – besides all the great stuff it does showing skill training and planning, it will let me read my in-game email. That’s fantastic because many of the links sent can be opened outside the game – some can’t and the tooltip will say “Link only works in IGB” (in-game browser) – but most are just regular websites. It is handy to look at stuff in game but I’ve got an extra computer and monitor and can pull stuff up there without covering my UI inside the game.

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