LoTRO – Boerning start

With the approaching holidays and other busyness, I haven’t been able to play much. Plus, WoW currently has its claws into me. However, I do miss me some LoTRO so when I had a little bit of time to spare, I decided to start a Beorning.

The starter instance for Boernings is very short, just a handful of quests to introduce basic combat and shape-shifting.

Beorning Start
Beorning Start

After playing WoW quite a bit over the past few weeks, I’ve forgotten how absolutely beautiful LoTRO is. Not an insult to WoW – Blizzard is consistent with their art directions and I do like the “obvious” fantasy environments, but Turbine succeeds in making a beautiful game with scenery that makes me believe I’m in Middle Earth.

My new Beorning, Lekdrifa (I wound up taking a random name and modifying it slightly) advanced to Archet and has picked up some quests from the Vol 1 Prologue. The starter instance leaves you with some armor and weapon upgrades, a boost to level 5, and instructions to look for Aragorn. Nice!

I feel bad I’ve been neglecting my main char in LoTRO, Naerys. I left off at level 94 and need to continue to Gondor. I think what I’ll do is set aside one day a week to play LoTRO. I’m also going to change up my gaming rotation in 2015, since I tend to binge and I think I would have more fun balancing gameplay and different games more equitably.

2 thoughts on “LoTRO – Boerning start”

  1. I will be waiting until next year to save up TP enough for the Bear…but I have heard it is a nice quick starter area 🙂

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