GW2 – Quick Session

I hadn’t logged into GW2 in a bit so I decided to adventure on my ranger a bit.

I didn’t have much time so the original plan was to work my way into Timberline Falls towards the next step in my Living Story. Glyneth is level 74 and the quest lists at level 70 so I figured it was about time.

But while examining the map, I noticed that I had “lost” map completion on two zones: Lions Arch and Plains of Ashford. I was missing two quests in the Plains of Ashford, and one point of interest in Lions Arch. I’m sure this was because they were added in some update since I finished off the zones.

So that became my new goal. I wandered in the Plains of Ashford for a while, participated in a dynamic event or two – – actually I jumped in the initial portion, defending a base. The next step was escort some engineers, and the final part was defend the mortars.

It’s fun in that somebody else probably decided to do it, knowing it could be tough with one human player and NPC defenders. But then I showed up and helped out; by the time we were at the mortar defense we were 3 or 4 players strong and had a much easier time.

After that I had a tough time locating the new quests. I visited “blank” areas on the map, but as it turned out the two I missed were tucked into the upper left corner, where I didn’t think there was enough room. From the position these 2 new quests were in, they must have been added for new players since they would come across them almost immediately after stepping out of the city as a new Charr.

The point of interest in LA was easy to find as it was on my map in the middle of the water. After a quick dive, I got it.

I had already received the cartographer awards for these two zones, so I didn’t re-get them. I just got back to 100% so my mapping OCD can relax. 😉

Running out of time, I map traveled close to Timberline Falls and closed out viewing a vista. GW2 is pretty fun and relaxing and is a great fit when I just have ~30-45 mins to play.

Timberline Falls Vista
Timberline Falls Vista

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