EVE – quick errands

It’s been a while since I played – I forgot to reset my planetary interaction last week. Oh well.

Aurora is nearing 32 million skill points, so her Xi clone wouldn’t be good for much longer. Thus I swapped into the Buzzard and started the scan procedure for hisec, in order to get to a station and run these errands.

But first, I checked the corporate bookmarks and it looked like there was a pair of current entries: the N110 to hisec and the K162 back home. I decided to give them a try since it would save me 5-10 minutes and maybe even more.

After a quick d-scan to make sure nothing unusual was around, I took a risk and jumped 0 km to the N110. And it was there, so I passed through and found myself in Jouvulen (which I already knew from the K162 bookmark info). This meant the closest trade hub was good old Jita.

Well, it isn’t too bad unless there is some “Burn Jita” event going on ;).

Once in Jita, with a nice eventless trip, I docked up and did a bit of shopping: various skills and a clone upgrade. My skill queue is a mix of missiles, electronic warfare, logistics, and drones and it is lengthy as well – 295 days. I’m sure 2 months from now I’ll juggle stuff around, adding and subtracting skills, so what is there right now will change drastically.

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