WoW – Possible Return

So my friend at work that got me to retry ArcheAge… is actually playing WoW along with yet another friend at work and some others they know.

I suppose that’s good because if they were going into ArcheAge – I relayed my story about hammering my disk drive and how that annoyed me to the uninstall point – I wouldn’t be there. Now I have another dilemma, resub to WoW?

This time around might be more fun as I’d actually have some people to play with. I did the first time, sort of, a friend talked me into it but he was an end-game raider on a PvP world, so I had to fend for myself while solo leveling (most of the time) in what I thought were miserable (ganked once a level) conditions. I wasn’t enjoying it and I quit. (This was about 6-7 years ago).

Anyway, I researched and it seems all the expansions are now rolled into the base game for $20, and pre-ordering WoD gets me a level 90 boost.

This brought up another decision – enable my old account, or start another?

Pros of enabling my old account include having a stable of level 50 something chars. Yeah that’s right, I never did hit max level even in the Burning Crusade era. Cons of enabling my old account include being on the wrong server, and therefore spending some money to transfer them.

Another major con for me is literally enabling my account – I set it up with the Blizzard Authenticator, and later uninstalled it from my phone, so now it doesn’t have the right seed value or whatever, so it isn’t working for letting me in. I went through some of the steps for removing it – send email, enter code, enter secret answer to question, but balked at uploading a pic of a government issued id. Um… no, not going to happen. If the registered email account and secret answer aren’t good enough, I’m not releasing personal info like address and driver’s license id number over some web uploader to unlock a game account. If it were say my bank, I’d go into a branch and hammer it out in person.

So that leaves me with re-buying the base game (included are all expansions!) and WoD. Basically, this option costs $20 more than enabling my original account, cuts me off from my original characters (not a big loss) but also saves me a transfer fee or two.

Well that’s a no-brainer; I’m going to create a new account, roll up a new char and fiddle around for a bit before taking the plunge (subbing and buying WoD).

My earlier chars were a shaman, hunter, warlock, druid. I think this time around, I’ll stick with two chars, probably a monk and druid or paladin. I’ll be going for hybrids that can serve all 3 char roles. I’m pretty sure I’ll enjoy the monk since the martial artist type chars are my favorite archetype for some reason. It goes back to pen and paper D&D where my favorite char was… you guessed it… a monk. 🙂

I’m good for one sub fee, I’ll get my money’s worth. Lately I’ve just been doing the skill shuffle game in EVE so I think I’ll just let my sub lapse in a few weeks.

One thought on “WoW – Possible Return”

  1. $20 to get caught up is not a bad move by Blizzard at all. It’s kinda a slap to those who buy every expansion as they come, but they’re not the target audience of the $20 package anyway. 😛

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