GW2 – Gendarran Fields Explorer

I logged into GW2 with Glyneth on the airship inside the “Not So Secret” jump puzzle. There were a few others battling Aetherblade enemies, so I jumped in. It probably looked I came in out of nowhere because that’s kind of what happened!

It looked like a group of 3, trying their hand at the puzzle. A mesmer appeared and cast a portal, so I jumped on it and found myself balanced on a pipe above the top of the airship – basically, very close to the end. So that was lucky… except I still had to get to the chest.

One of the players fell off the pipe and died on the airship. I guess he/she didn’t have much health…? but then how could they even get this far. Anyway, I jumped off and started to fight an Aetherblade or two, which wasn’t too tough. I figured I owed them since somebody in their group ported me 95% the way to end, I could fight off one of two enemies and help rez them.

I stuck around and helped clear the top of the airship with the help of some of the others. Eventually I noticed they had all left so I decided it OK for me to jump down and open the chest and “finish” the puzzle. It all worked out very well.

Glyneth was about 2/3rds the way through exploring all of Gendarran Fields, so I decided to finish it. Since I took a little break from playing GW2 I estimate Glyneth has been working on this particular map for around 2 months – real time. Game time, not that long of course. Along the way Glyneth leveled to 73 and 74, so I’m closing in on my second level 80 char.


I also gained a new pet by accident. As I went to view this vista, I moved in range of a Juvenile Eagle, a pet Glyneth did not yet have. So when I hit F to view the vista I actually charmed a new pet. Anyway, that’s another thing for the completionist in me to get, all of the ranger pets.

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