GW2 – Not So Secret Jump Puzzle

I resumed playing Glyneth, intent on reaching level 73.

Underwater Shrine
Underwater Shrine

After swimming around to find some points of interest, and opening a waypoint or three, I was distracted by a jumping puzzle I found. It turns out it I happened on the “Not So Secret” jump puzzle. It is obvious when looking at the map that something is there. And I noticed a stream of players running to a spot on the cliffs, where I found a metal disc that periodically fired steam – standing on it boosted my jump. I proceeded in this fashion, through fake walls occasionally, and eventually came to an Aetherblade base.


It took me several tries to pass this rungs obstacle – I kept falling at the last one. But eventually I got the hang of it, meaning I can do it about 60% to 80% of the time.


Unfortunately, I got stuck on the next puzzle section, hopping on the tops of pillars. This was as far as I made it.

I got frustrated and kept trying another 15-30 mins or so, but eventually logged off inside the base. Maybe I’ll luck out and a mesmer will come along that casts the Portal Entre/Exeunt combo. 🙂

One thought on “GW2 – Not So Secret Jump Puzzle”

  1. I’d try to help you out if I weren’t as busy as a bee during the week. I do confess to being a bit wary of jumping puzzles, though, ever since Dark Reverie crushed my soul this summer.

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