GW2 – New Char Tutorial

With another session or two of GW2, I reached level 10 on my new necro.

I adventured a bit further into Queensdale, a zone I’m not too familiar with since my other characters are non-human, and after helping the locals solve various Skritt issues, I was close.

Skritt Cave
Skritt Cave

Some fisherman near Beetletun needed help catching crabs, so I swam around and did the work. I hit level 10 underwater but surfaced before claiming my reward.

Level 10
Level 10

One of the level 10 rewards was “Vistas Unlocked”. What? I was lazy and didn’t do any vistas so far – part of that is I’m trying to do all exploration on character, my ranger Glyneth, but I didn’t think you had to be any particular level to view a Vista. I clicked on the icon and the explanation was that Vistas now appear on the mini-map. Ah, well I hadn’t noticed actually.

Along with level 10 came a letter from Petra, wanting to meet at the Merchant’s Coin tavern. Ah yes, but first, I stopped by the bank to retrieve an experience scroll. Using it leveled me to 20, where I bought a round of level 20 armor and a few extra weapons. Since once of the level rewards was a nice staff, I kept it.

Now I’m ready to rendezvous with Petra at the Inn, newly buffed up. 😉

Divinity's Reach
Divinity’s Reach

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