AA – Queue Woes

I thought I’d check out ArcheAge, which has some great buzz and acclaim. So I downloaded Glyph and installed the game. When I tried to log in, I was greeted with a queue!

archeage queue
archeage queue

I haven’t seen a queue for an MMO in a really long time! The estimation was “>1 hour” for a queue of length ~3000. So I watched an episode of Homeland Season 3 (great show that I’m enjoying quite a bit) and when I came back, the queue was down to ~2500. So, in 50 mins 500 people entered, meaning if that ratio held up I could log in after 5 more hours. Hm… I found something else to do instead. 😉

After digging around on the website I found and read the launch update note and they are working on it. Syncaine suggests cutting off the free players (of which I am one), which might be drastic, but then the paying customers have to get priority somehow. I don’t mind waiting until extra capacity comes along or the queues shorten a bit before trying it out.

Early the next morning I was able to log in, but there were still restrictions. In the screenshot, the circled N, E, F, H means that character creation is restricted: N for Nuian restricted, E for Elf restricted (Syp would declare this should be the default), F for Firran restricted, H for Harani restricted. So… even though I got onto a server, I couldn’t create a character. Hm… so I picked another server (Ezi) with no restrictions and whipped up a character real quick, a Harani archer.

When I logged in, I found myself standing next to 3 or 4 other Harani archers, one sitting. It was hilarious actually, we all had the same bow slung across our backs, same intro clothing, etc. It was like clone-ville. I went to take a screenshot and unfortunately the client seized up big time. I couldn’t kill it via Task Manager so I wound up logging out of my machine to kill the process. Bad luck with a synchronization object problem somewhere in the client (deadlock) and not a problem taking screen shots, I hope! 😉

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