GW2 – Level 72

I have also slacked off magnificently in GW2. After using a birthday present (level to 20) and then a birthday xp scroll (bonus xp for 24 hours in-game) I stopped when Glyneth hit 71. So my goal today was to reach 72, and also peck away towards 80 throughout the month of August. When Glyneth hits 80 she’ll join Aurora as my other 80, and then I’ll decide between picking up the living story on one of them, or perhaps working on Summer, my level 40ish mesmer. 😉

I logged in and started working on quest hearts. Originally, I don’t remember much fanfare when completing a heart. In a later update, I remember ArenaNet adding a flying dove animation. Now, you get a blinky/shaky icon in the corner and a nice big message about the rewards you will receive upon hitting “accept”:

Heart Completion
Heart Completion

I think this is nice, maybe not totally necessary, but fine with me. At least you can choose when to get the reward, when the action dies down a bit – in case you complete in the middle of a large fight.

Speaking of large fight, that’s when Glyneth hit 72. I worked my way to the pirates in the middle of the Gendarran Fields, and fought along side a few others who showed up. I got the level up notice, but was too slow to grab a screenshot. Which was good, because at the time we were fighting a big group of cutthroats!

Level 72
Level 72

Anyway, after the fight was over I ran to the waypoint just to the north, and spent my new trait points on Quick Draw in the skirmishing line, to reduce the cooldown on my skills. I’ll see how that works out (I’m not sure there is something better to take right now).

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