LoTRO – A Need For Words

I have been slacking in LoTRO for weeks, so tonight I decided to move Naerys along the Vol 3 Book 13 epic storyline another step.

After logging in, I had to assign trait points again. Yeah, I guess it has been a while. Naerys was a Fighter of Shadow before, and this time around I thought I’d try something a little different, Keen Blade.

Spec Needed
Spec Needed

I still plan to play Naerys with a club and shield, like any proper hobbit guardian. Despite not having a “sharp” weapon, many of her new skills apply bleeds… hmm. Best not think about that too much. 😉

Keen Blade
Keen Blade

The next problem was finding Aragorn. The quest arrow pointed off to infinity (27000+ meters away) so I knew something was wrong. After looking for a while I gave up and consulted the Palantír Google for help and found an extremely helpful post. Aha, wrong timeline, need to use items on the table next to the NPC – of course, how obvious, how did I ever miss that?!

I may have stumbled on this entirely by accident, since if I couldn’t find any help, I was going to cancel the quest and retake it – this might have led me to redoing enough to wind up in the correct timeline. But holy smokes those are some unintuitive steps.

After gathering men to listen to Aragorn’s speech, and some praise for me – at least I think so; now that I read that again I think Aragorn may be making a hobbit joke!!! 😉 – the instance ended.

Praise, or hobbit joke
Praise, or hobbit joke

My plan was to finish the next epic battle, but I spent too much time figuring out how to find Aragorn. So rather than miss sleep and be a grumpy hobbit I will adventure in the next epic battle another time.

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